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Frequently asked questions about the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

What is the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic document providing verified information on a student's academic and non-academic achievements during their time at Kingston University.

Who is eligible for a HEAR?

The HEAR is available to all students on courses where Kingston University is required to provide a diploma supplement and who graduated after April 2014.

When will I receive my HEAR?

The final HEAR will be available shortly after you have received your results. During your course, the University will be updating your HEAR twice a year, in January and July.

What does a HEAR look like?

View an example of a HEAR. Please note that the wording my however be subject to change.

How do I access my HEAR?

You will access your HEAR via the Gradintelligence website. The service is free for students.

What is Gradintelligence?

Gradintelligence is part of the Tribal Group, who are suppliers of Kingston University's Student Records System. They will publish your HEAR electronically. The system allows you to access your HEAR while you are studying at Kingston University and also after you graduate; and to share it with third parties such as employers or other universities.

How do I activate my Gradintelligence account?

If you are currently studying at Kingston University you should be able to activate your Gradintelligence account via a link on the home page of OSIS.

If you enrolled prior to September 2015 and no longer have access to OSIS, you would have received an email from Gradintelligence advising you how to activate your account.

What is included on a HEAR?

Your HEAR will include information about:

  • your qualification entry criteria for Kingston University;
  • your educational aims and learning outcomes;
  • the results you achieved;
  • your overall module marks/grades;
  • any professional accreditation that you achieve; and
  • your final award.

How are additional achievements recorded on the HEAR (section 6.1)?

Additional achievements are recorded in Section 6.1 of the HEAR. These can include prizes, the Union of Kingston Students activity, course representation and enterprise activity.

Kingston University will verify the following additional achievements for your HEAR.

How do I add or remove items from section 6.1?

Please use the enquiry form if you wish to add or remove an achievement or activity currently showing in Gradintelligence from Section 6.1 of your HEAR. Only the achievement and activity types listed above can be included.

What happens to my HEAR when I leave Kingston University?

Once you have registered with Gradintelligence, you can continue to access your HEAR through the Gradintelligence website after you have finished your studies with Kingston University.

Can I get a printed HEAR?

Kingston University will not be producing paper copies of the HEAR. Students and employers can print paper copies for their own use but these are not verifiable by the University.

Who do I contact if my HEAR is not accurate?

If there is incorrect information relating to your results, you should contact your student office in the first instance. Please be aware that the HEAR is only updated twice each academic year, in January and July.

Why are there no HEARs for students graduating before April 2014?

The HEAR was introduced for students graduating after April 2014. The verifiable non-academic achievements which are included in the HEAR were not recorded for graduates before that date.

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