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Kingston University Santander HackCentre

The HackCentre programme has been set up from a partnership by Kingston University and Santander Universities Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Fund to encourage students to explore new ideas by running hackathons to dive into and 'hack' defined challenges.

What are Hackathons?

Hackathons are an intense joint effort to crack a problem.

The process for these hackathons will be explore the challenge, develop a solution, refine the proposal and then pitch your idea!

The HackCentre task team will link industry and the community with students and academic expertise to solve, or 'hack', the challenges they have defined.

This is a great way to inspire the next generation, especially in developing and demonstrating how collaboration with industry can provide solutions to real-world scenarios, as well as providing business leaders and the local community access to talented innovative thinkers!

By running Hackathons we aim to:

  • give students hands-on learning to develop practical skills;
  • work on challenges to apply a structured response to a problem;
  • develop team-work, understanding of context and links to 'real-world'; and
  • provide a link between study and employment an 'aspirational future'.

Hackathons can be run over a half a day, full day (9.00am to 5.00pm) or run over several weeks. Students participating in the process will gain valuable business-readiness skills.

Who benefits?

Hackathons can benefit a variety of stakeholders these include: 

  • the team members who can share their knowledge, utilise their existing skills, learn something new and collaborate with like-minded peers as well as creating a prototype of a novel solution with the potential for further development;
  • the problem 'owners' who have particular problems that need to be cracked (hacked);
  • the organisations which need innovation in order to improve their performance; and
  • an end-user who engages with a product design or service that resolves their challenge.

What students will typically produce:

Students will work in teams and by the end of the session they will be required to submit one of the following:

  • A slide deck proposal or one page summary of a new product or service solution.
  • A wire frame for an app.
  • A prototype or computer-aided design (CAD).
  • A three minute video pitch of the idea.

To find out more please email the HackCentre Project Manager, Amanda Baker.

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