Accommodation information for disabled students

The University's halls of residence include some accommodation that is accessible or adapted for disabled students. Wherever possible, we will further adapt accommodation to meet your individual needs.

Living in Halls

We can make adjustments and provide support for you in our University accommodation.

Personal Care Assistance

It's important to get personal care assistance in place before you arrive at Kingston.

Students applying through Clearing

Some disabled students will be prioritised when rooms are allocated during Clearing.

Applying to stay in halls after your first year

You can apply to stay in University halls after your first year of study for disability-related reasons.

Living in halls

Living away from home can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have health concerns, a disability or need additional support. Kingston University can provide support and make adjustments for you in University accommodation. You will need to let us know what your requirements are in advance so we can discuss what adjustments can be made for you.

If you have specific room requirements, you will need to notify both the Disability and Mental Health Service, and the Accommodation Team. Examples include needing an en-suite room due to a disability or impairment, or requiring a fridge to store medication in for a specific medical condition. For further details, check out our adapted and accessible accommodation page.

Complex conditions

If you have a complex condition, which calls for more extensive rooming requirements, you should get in touch with us as early as possible. Examples include needing powered doors or a hoist.

We can also help arrange a visit to the University, so you can view our accommodation.

Applying for accommodation

When applying for accommodation, you will be invited to access the booking site via the accommodation web portal. You MUST make all requests clear on the application form. For example, if you need an automated door, a wet room, a ground floor room, en-suite facilities, a deaf alerter and any other requirements.

The Accommodation Team will allocate rooms using this information. Therefore, it is vital you give as much information as possible so the team can allocate you the most appropriate room.

Personal care support

Students who require daily personal care or assistance to live independently should contact the social services team from their local authority to discuss the options available to them. This will only be available for students who are based in the UK.

Organising a support package can take between 6 and 12 months. It is vital therefore that you contact your local social services team as early as possible. This will enable the funding to be organised and the appropriate support package to be in place from your first day at University.

International students should make sure that they have funding in place, if they require care, before starting at the University.

Students applying through Clearing

Places in halls of residence are very limited during Clearing. When allocating rooms at this time, the University will prioritise students who would be at a substantial disadvantage if they were not able to live in halls of residence.

Priority may be given to the following:

  • students whose physical access needs cannot be met by the private sector
  • students with serious sensory impairments
  • students who have serious mental health difficulties
  • students with severely-impaired executive functioning skills

Evidence of your disability and the substantial disadvantage is required before allocation decisions can be made.

Please note: the University has a finite number of rooms which are either adapted or able to be adapted. We cannot guarantee a suitable room will be available when applying through Clearing, especially when demand is high.

Applying to stay in halls of residence after your first year

If you are an undergraduate student who can show a disability-related reason for needing to stay in halls of residence after the first year of study, you can apply to stay in halls of residence for the next academic year.

You will need to be registered with the Disability and Mental Health Service and complete an application form and, if you haven't done so already, submit supporting evidence of your need to remain in halls of residence.

Decisions are made by a panel, usually in the spring/summer term, and are based on the priority of need.

If you would like to discuss staying in halls of residence after your first year, contact us.

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