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Car parking information for students with disabilities

If you are a blue badge holder or need accessible parking to enable you to attend the University, you may be eligible for a student temporary KU accessibility parking permit.  

What are the advantages of student accessibility parking permits?

A student temporary KU accessibility parking permit will allow you to park in any parking bays on the site or sites where you are studying - blue badge holders can park in yellow bays. If an accessible parking space cannot be found, security officers will try to assist. However, parking availability can be limited and is different on each site.

Blue badges and temporary KU accessibility parking permits should be prominently displayed on the car windscreen at all times.

How do I apply for a permit?

If you require a student temporary KU accessibility parking permit, please contact the disability and mental health advisers once you have fully enrolled.

If you have not yet enrolled or are a visitor to the University, please obtain an electronic external visitor parking permit from main reception at the campus when you arrive. 

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