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Health and safety information for students with disabilities

The health and safety of our students is very important. All students attending the University are made aware of evacuation procedures/routes and should know what to do if a fire alarm sounds.

If you might have difficulty evacuating university buildings without assistance, you are required to attend individual evacuation training soon after enrolment at the University. Staff will:

  • show you evacuation routes;
  • show you fire refuges where appropriate; and
  • discuss an evacuation plan with you.

It is very important that you review your evacuation arrangements regularly, as the routes that you use may change each semester, depending on which parts of the campus you are on.

Details of the evacuation procedures for students with disabilities are available from the disability advisers.

All security staff are trained in first aid and are available in cases of emergency, 24 hours a day. If you have a specific health issue please let Wellbeing know as we may need to put in additional measures for you.

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