Cancer Research Group

The Kingston University Cancer Research group is a diverse group that brings together cancer researchers from across the University.

Our aims are to improve our understanding of carcinogenesis, the early detection of cancer, patient treatment and quality of life through inter-disciplinary research.

Our research interests and expertise span a range of areas including cell and molecular biology of cancer, the importance of inflammation, infectious agents, nutrition and biomarkers in cancer, cancer diagnosis and imaging, anti-cancer drug design and delivery, and patient treatment and monitoring using the latest mobile health technologies.

We work with clinicians, pathologists, pharmacists, nurses, radiographers, medical physicists and engineers, and national and international collaborators from both academia and the pharmaceutical industry to investigate the mechanisms of tumour development, progression and metastasis, to develop novel treatments and diagnostic techniques and to make sure that our research will have a positive translational impact on the lives of people with cancer.

Research themes

Research themes

Our research is focused into three main themes:

  1. Cancer biology, pathophysiology and prevention
    Helmout ModjtahediHossein AshrafiAlan SeddonAthina-Mytro ChioniTerry GaymesSaid Khelwatty
  2. Cancer diagnosis and prognosis
    Helmout ModjtahediAlan SeddonSaid Khelwatty
  3. Anti-cancer drugs, monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutics
    Helmout ModjtahediAlan Seddon, , Said Khelwatty

Contact us

If you wish to contact the group, please contact Helmout Modjtahedi.


Postdoctoral fellows

  • Gustavo A Arias Pinilla (Life Sciences)
  • Soozana Puvanenthiran (Visiting Fellow, Life Sciences)

External collaborations

Professor Helmout Modjtahedi

  • Dr Sharadah Essapen, St Luke's Cancer Centre, Royal Surrey County Hospital, UK
  • Prof Angus Dalgleish, St. George's Medical School, London UK
  • Mr Satvinder Mudan, Royal Marsden NHS Trust, St George's Hospital, UK
  • Dr Zhen Fan, MD Anderson Cancer Centre, Houston, USA
  • Dr Izhar Bagwan, Department of Histopathology, Royal Surrey County Hospital, UK

Dr Hossein Ashrafi

  • Dr Giles Davis, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Kingston Hospital, Kingston upon Thames
  • Dr Aldo Venuti, Laboratorio di Virologia, Istituto Nazionale Tumori Regina Elena IRCCS - Roma, Italy
  • Professor Sheila Graham, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Peter Kennedy, School of Medicine, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Randall Cohrs, University of Colorado

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