Dr Ahmed Elbediwy


I joined Kingston University as Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry in Late 2018, following a very successful research career which involved working at the world renowned Francis Crick Institute as a postdoctoral scientist and a PhD from University College, London. This research resulted in a number of high impact publications which changed the field of cancer signalling. During my time at the Francis Crick institute, I developed my teaching with a joint collaboration with UCL and was awarded an AFHEA from this venture.  I also made strong industrial collaborations with GSK by jointly working on a chemical screen to identify drugs involved in cancer inhibition.

When I joined Kingston University, London i quickly established myself as an integral part of the Biomolecular Science teaching team and obtained my FHEA within the first year, before becoming a Senior Lecturer and course leader for BSc Biochemistry in 2020 and course leader for BSc Biological Sciences in 2023. I have implemented a number of innovative techniques for engaging students, which culminated in winning an award at the union of Kingston students' Academic Impact Awards for ‘Outstanding contribution to learning and teaching in 2022. In 2023 I was nominated for 7 categories which included:

  • Best Assessment Feedback.
  • Best Project/Dissertation Supervisor.
  • Most Innovative Teacher.
  • Most Engaging Teaching.
  • Most Student Friendly Staff.
  • Professional/Support Staff of the year.
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Student Experience.

All teaching I do is student focused with resources, support, and tools to enhance and allow students to reach their full potential.

I am also a future driven leader who is currently course leader for BSc Biochemistry and BSc Biological Sciences. I constantly drive to progress and enhance teaching in my field. I am involved in a number of university working groups including revamping the teaching management guide and the current academic integrity implementation. I collaborating with the School Director of learning and teaching to successfully reaccredit the Biochemistry course in 2021 with the Royal Society of Biology and have taken part in the ‘Diversifying Leadership' course by advanced HE. I am also on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group and the Athena Swan working group in order to ensure diversity is pushed forward as an agenda. I obtained my SFHEA in 2022 because of all the work I have done within teaching. I also have collaborated with a number of staff both within department and across faculties for pedagogic research and some of these works have been published. Pedagogic research is important in order to enhance how students can be further supported and a paper on barriers students faced at level 4 contributed to a revised structure of our timetable in the school. I am also a mental health first aider and have obtained a Level 3 RSPH Mental Health qualification in order to support students with mental health concerns.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader BSc Biochemistry


  • SFHEA (2022)
  • Advance HE Online Professional Development Course for External Examiners (2020)
  • FHEA (2019)
  • AFHEA (2018)
  • Mental Health First Aider (2023)
  • Level 3 RSPH Mental Health (2023)
  • DPhil in Molecular Cell Biology (University College London) (2013)
  • B.Sc (Hons) in Molecular Biology (Queen Mary, University of London) (2005)

Teaching and learning

Course Director 

  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Biological Sciences

Module Leader 

  • LS6005 - Clinical Chemistry and Haematology

Teaching Responsibilities: Modules Taught


  • LS4002: The Biochemical Foundations of Life
  • LS4003: Scientific and Laboratory Skills
  • LS5001: Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • LS5002: Proteins and Metabolism
  • LS5003: Principles of Pharmacology with Research Methods
  • LS5008: Infection and Immunity
  • LS6003: Chemotherapy of Infectious & Neoplastic Disease
  • LS6005: Clinical Chemistry and Haematology
  • LS6007: Clinical Applications of Biomedical Sciences
  • LS6014: Project (Bioscience)


  • LS7001: Research Techniques and Scientific Communication
  • LS7002: Immunology and the Biology of Disease
  • LS7010: Research Project

Qualifications and expertise

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Outstanding Contribution to Learning and Teaching Award Winner 2022
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Undergraduate courses taught


My research focuses on Cancer Biology. This can be investigated on the molecular level as well as with the use of therapeutic compounds:

Some project titles include:

Signalling pathways in cancer initiation

Naturally occurring compounds and cancer inhibition

The Extracellular Matrix and Disease

Effect of Metabolism on signalling pathways

Repurposing of drugs for cancer treatment

I have had a successful PhD completion (Dr Simge Karagil) who graduated in 2023, and have been involved with a number of PhD and MScR students as a co-supervisor who have completed or are about to complete.

I have successfully been awarded a GRS fellowship in 2019, and have applied for grants as co-investigator with a number of academics.

Areas of specialism

  • Cancer Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology

Research student supervision

Main supervision

Other supervision


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Leadership and management

Leadership Expertise

  • BSc Biological Science Course Leader
  • BSc Biochemistry Course Leader.
  • Admissions tutor BSc Biochemistry.
  • Diversifying Leadership by Advanced HE attendee.
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

External Expertise

  • Newton fellowship grant reviewer.
  • Newton International Fellowship.
  • External Examiner for MSc Biomedical Science at UEL.

University responsibilities

  • EDI member.
  • Athena Swan member.
  • REF 2022 output reviewer.
  • Internal Subject Review and Validation Panel member.
  • Member of the teaching management guide working group.
  • Member of the Academic integrity working group.
  • Academic Mentoring Champion.
  • Nominated for two Alliance awards 2023: The Braveheart Award & The Professionals Award.
  • Nominated for KU People Award.

Social media