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About us

Cyber security is a global challenge that impacts societies, national security, critical infrastructure and the global economy.

It is against this unprecedented demand for cybersecurity expertise and education in the society and Kingston University's expertise in cyber security, that the 'Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education and Culture' (Cyber Centre of Excellence) has been established.

The primary aim is to collaboratively establish nationally recognised standards of excellence in cyber security education, with Government and other academic institutions. Building on a GCHQ-certified masters programme and a strong research base, the Centre will deliver a state-of-the-art cyber security education environment specialising in live threats, intelligence simulations and establishing long-term proactive partnerships with industry, government and local communities - to change the cybersecurity culture.

The Centre aims to become a hub for applied cybersecurity activities, growing a network of companies and organisations, local and global, with which it will develop substantial business partnerships.


Kingston University has dedicated Lab Cyber Teaching and Learning Resources, this includes cyber lab facilities, specialised hardware, SOC-VLEs and live threat intelligence.

The dedicated cyber lab provides Linux/ Windows dual-boot computers, access to the internet, digital forensic hardware and professional software such as the full commercial version of Forensic Toolkit (FTK).

The facilities provide an unconstrained environment within an in terms of computer administration and networking access. There are opportunities to gain vendor certification for mobile forensics (XRY Logical) and FTK.

Our courses

We believe that, at Kingston, we can make a difference by offering a specific aspect of cyber security education, which is based on innovative, hands-on approaches that will produce graduates capable of dealing with the cybersecurity challenges in the workplace - both in terms of contemporary strategies and algorithms and in terms of the tools.

In that context, the Centre would cover various aspects of security including security risk assessment, data privacy issues (GDPR) and ethical hacking in a broader sense.

The difference Kingston can make on the cybersecurity education scene is in the live threats intelligence environment simulation, where the strategies, the techniques of implementation, the comprehensive data analysis infrastructure will be used to exercise real-life situations in order to learn how to deal with threats, in real time.

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Dr Eckhard Pfluegel

Course Leader Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Head of School Computer Science and Mathematics