Digital Media for Healthcare

The Digital Media for Healthcare group conducts multidisciplinary digital healthcare research that addresses major problems and immediate healthcare challenges that are facing humanity today. To address these challenges, the Group collaborates with leading medical scientists, policy-makers, doctors, medical devices and sensors manufacturers, computing and mobile communication and technology specialists linking patients and communities directly into solutions that mobilise the innovative technologies for healthcare. The group also leads on strategic research projects that have an immediate global impact and affect healthcare in the developing world.

Research themes

  • Emerging mobile communications for healthcare systems (5G, 6G health)
  • mhealth-based internet of things (m-IoT)
  • Next generation of personalised healthcare
  • Connected healthcare
  • Wearable sensors and cloud computing
  • Bio-communication and genomic signal processing
  • Medical imaging and biomedical signal processing
  • Biologically inspired mobile computing systems
  • AI and big data for healthcare
  • Social robotics for healthcare
  • Assisted living.


Health and social care

  • St George's Medical School, University of London
  • Croydon Health Services NHS
  • The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
  • Central Middlesex Hospital
  • University College London, Mental Health Sciences Unit
  • Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Salutem Care and Education
  • Cardiff Medical School
  • King's College Medical School
  • Western Health and Social Care Trust, N. Ireland


  • Pangea Ltd, UK
  • CSEM, Switzerland
  • EXODUS, Greece
  • SMARTEX SRL, Italy
  • UtterBerry Ltd, UK


Research grants

  • KTP – Salutem: Digital health technology to support personalised home care delivery for people with autism and learning difficulties. Dr Nada Philip and Dr Eckhard Pfluegel. £220,000. 2021–2023.
  • KTP – Pangea: The project aims to deliver enriched video compression for effectively streaming video over 5G networks to deliver huge benefits to emergency services including CTTV, in-car video and healthcare. Professor Christos Politis and Dr Nada Philip. £266,628. 2019–2021.
  • British Council UKIERI programme: ‘Study and development of non-invasive ambulatory respiratory and cardiac monitoring system for mobile health monitoring using photonic crystal fiber'. Professor Andy Augousti, Dr Nada Philip and Professor Barbara Pierscionek. Value: £39,959. 2015.
  • EU H2020: AEGLE - An analytics framework for integrated and personalized healthcare services in Europe. Professor Barbara Pierscionek, Dr Nada Philip, Dr Reem Kayyali and Dr Shereen Nabhani. Value Euro 718,142. March 2015–18.
  • EU FP7: WELCOME – Wearable Sensing and Smart Cloud Computing for Integrated Care to COPD Patients with Comorbidities – 2013–17. EU FP7. B. Pierscionek, S. Nabhani, R.Kayyali and N. Philip. Euro 631,351. 2013-2017.
  • EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions Incoming International Fellowships (IIF) -  "LTeHealth – Long-Term e-Health Evolution for Improving Diabetic Social and Behavioural Change Management". Dr Nada Philip. Euro 270,680. 2012–14.
  • British Council DELPHI grant for "e-health inclusion in Medical Higher education in Developing countries". Professor Robert Istepanian and Dr Nada Philip. £72,000. 2010–12.
    • Project objectives:The introduction of innovative and strategic e-Health plans for medical education policy and research for Iraq.
      Identify and implement two pilot and proof of concept e-health projects and trials as identified and classified as most needed for immediate healthcare services in Iraq. Recommendations with lessons learned and future plans for Iraq healthcare policy adoptions, larger deployment and integration of e-health within the existing medical educational and healthcare system in the country.
  • EU FP6 – E-Dispute Medical electronic Dispute (MeDispute) software platform for NHS UK.
  • EU FP6 – OTELO EU Project - Mobile Tele-Echography System Using an Ultra-light Robot (OTELO), Robert Istepanian, EU (2001–04).
  • The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE (2014): Nada Philip is part of one of the 10th finalists teams (SCANURSE) of in developing an innovative and integrated diagnostic technologies, helping citizens make their own reliable health diagnoses anywhere and anytime.
  • London Creative and Digital Fusion Collaborative Awards Application:  Feasibility and acceptability of using a digital platform to deliver content of the Bridges stroke workbook and carers' booklet', Dr Nada Philip. £10,000. 2014.
  • London Creative and Digital Fusion Collaborative Awards Application: Curated Mobile Health Application Store. Dr Nada Philip. £10,000. 2013.
  • "International Travel Grant", Royal Academy of Engineering, International Travel Grant, IJB/KN/10-875, 2010, £600.
  • "Feasibility study for Location Technologies within Healthcare Institutions", Industry, Contracted Research with Philips, 2009, £4,000.

Contact us

For more information, contact the group leader, Dr Nada Philip.



  • Talal Butt
  • Nabeel Shaikh
  • Manzoor Razzak
  • Arslan Usman

PhD students


  1. Director of Study: 'A Study on Technology and Innovation Management processes in a University environment and the steps of taking their inventions to market'. PhD started 2021, Lesley Stigling.
  2. Director of study: 'Security and privacy issues for Internet of things in 5G mobile healthcare applications'. PhD started 2017. Uzma Mustafa.


  1. Director of Study: ‘Mobile health and Smart Cloud Computing for Innovative Integrated care for Chronic Disease Management'. PhD started 2013. Student: Drishty Sobnath.
  2. Director of Study: ‘4G Health for Medical Video Streaming'. PhD started 2013. Student: Ikram Rehman.
  3. Director of Study: ‘Design and development of smart e-coaching and health process data mining for Smoking cessation management'. PhD started 2013. Student: Abdula Alsharif.
  4. Director of Study: ‘Enhanced eHealth implementation methodology to optimise healthcare service delivery' PhD study started 2015. Student: Bakhtiyar Ahmed.
  5. Director of Study: ‘Online resolution System for students' complaints'. MSc by Research started March 2014. Student: M. Saleem.
  6. Director of Study: 'The Impact of Social Networking and Internet of Things for Enhanced Diabetes Management in Saudi Arabia'. PhD started 2011. Student: Turki Alanzi.
  7. Director of Study: ‘Effectiveness of Emerging Mobile Diabetes Management Systems for Enhancement diabetes Management in the Saudi Arabia'. PhD started 2011. Student: Mohamed Alotabi.
  8. Director of Study: ‘Comparative Study on Short-range Communications Modules for Next Generation Mobile ECG Management Systems'. MSc by research started 2013. Student: Luis Reblom.
  9. Director of Study: ‘Adaptive Human-Robot Interaction Platform for Long-Term Diabetic Behavioural Change Support'. MSc by research 2013. Student: Suhail Abood.
  10. Director of Study: ‘Impact of telehealth and telecare on patient outcomes in Croydon'. MSc by research 2013. Student: Bassel Odeh.
  11. Second Supervisor: ‘The impact of games in improving student study skills and information retention in the delivery of pharmacy education'. MSc by research 2013.
  12. Second Supervisor: ‘Security and Privacy issues of Internet of Things in Mobile Healthcare Applications'. MPhil 2012.  Student: Faisal Ali
  13. Second Supervisor: ‘Optimised Wireless Medical Quality of Service Issues in WiMAX and 3.75G Mobile Networks'. PhD 2012. Student: Ali Alinejad.