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International students in the United Kingdom (UK)

We welcome international students who are already studying in the UK and would like to continue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies at Kingston University.

We recognise a wide range of UK and international qualifications for entry onto our programmes. For entry requirements for your home country qualifications, please see your country page.

We also welcome students taking International Foundation courses. We have our own International Foundation Year in the International Study Centre at Kingston as well as a number of partnerships with reputable foundation institutions in the UK.

Visiting the University

Meet us at an international student fair in the UK or attend one of our open days:

We are happy to visit international schools and colleges in the UK to speak with students and staff and we can also arrange group visits to Kingston University. These can include:

  • a presentation;
  • a general campus tour; and
  • the chance to meet academic staff from relevant departments.

For more information, contact the International Office.

Visa and immigration information

Switching or extending your visa

If you are a student already in the UK and need to extend or switch your visa from the UK, you can use the following links to access the online application form and Tier 4 visa policy guidance:

To help you prepare your Tier 4 visa application you can also refer to the guidelines on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website which helps to simplify and explain the immigration rules or you can find information on our website.

Home Office cap on degree-level studies

The Home Office introduced a cap on studies affecting all Tier 4 visa applications made after 12 November 2015. For below degree level, the cap is two years and five (six years if 1 year placement was a part of undergraduate course) for degree level and above, limiting the amount of time you can spend studying in the UK on a student visa. This includes any previous leave granted for study purposes in the UK (except on a student visitor visa) and, will count towards the cap.

This means that you will be limited to a maximum of five years if you are studying at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level. Further studies in the UK must also demonstrate academic progression or be complementary to studies at the same level.

Overseas educational representatives in the UK

Below is a list of University representatives in the UK. Please contact your nearest representative if you would like further information:

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International students
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