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Welcome to the country information for students from Syria.

Meet us in the Middle East

We visit many countries in the Middle East throughout the year, especially in the autumn and spring months. Find out about our scheduled visits.

Studying in the UK

Most bachelors degrees in the UK are three years in duration and masters degrees are one year. The teaching style here means that students focus more closely on their subject of study and complete fewer general education classes and electives. This is an advantage to Syrian students because it means you can complete your degree in a shorter amount of time and therefore pay one year's less tuition. Degrees from UK universities are recognised around the world and are considered to be of the highest quality.

Language requirements

All students from outside the United Kingdom need to meet our English language requirements. These depend on whether you are applying for pre-degree, undergraduate or postgraduate level.

If you don't achieve the required score, you may be eligible to join our pre-sessional English language course.

Academic requirements

Level of Entry General qualification requirement
Undergraduate Al-Shahada al-Thanawiya al-Amma (General Secondary Certificate):
  • International Foundation Year will be required
Postgraduate Al-Ijaza fi or Licence Bachelors degree (usually 4 years):
  • UK 2:1 equivalent: 80%
  • UK 2:2 equivalent: 70% 

Overseas educational representatives in Syria

Below is a list of university representatives in Syria. Please contact your nearest representative if you would like further information:

Contact us

International enquiries
Tel: +44(0)20 8417 3411