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Arriving in the UK

At Kingston we offer a comprehensive programme of welcome, orientation and induction events to help you transition into your new life in the UK and at Kingston University.

The University's main welcome and induction activities take place the week before term starts but international students are required to arrive a week earlier for International Arrivals and Orientation week which is designed to familiarise you with your new surroundings, help you make friends before the main events start and get all your visa-related matters attended to.

We know that arriving in a new country can be exciting but also a bit scary, so we offer an airport pick-up service for new international and visiting students living in the local area.

At the airport

You will have to go through both passport control (immigration) and a customs check when you land in the UK.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals

From the 1 October 2021 you will not be able to enter the UK using your national ID card and should travel using a valid passport. Full details can be found at Visiting the UK as an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen.

eGate Expansion

On 20 May 2019 eGates were expanded at 15 major airports and Eurostar terminals to include nationals from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • United Sates of America

Find out more about getting through the airport.

Student visa holders

Student visa holders from the above countries who have a biometrics passport are able to enter the UK through an eGate, but this means there will NOT be an entry stamp in their passport.

Students who use the eGates will still be required to evidence the date they entered the UK to prove their right to study.  Tier 4 students must therefore have with them for enrolment purposes:

  • e-tickets or a paper or electronic boarding pass showing the date they entered the UK
  • date of entry to the UK will be recorded at enrolment

Short-term (up to 6 months) students

Short-term study students (up to 6 months) who have not obtained a visa from their home country should NOT use the eGates, as they need to see an officer for a stamp in their passport. They MUST see a Border Force officer and get their passport stamped if they are coming to the UK as a Short-term study student (up to 6 months). This stamp gives them the permission needed for their studies.

Non-visa nationals from the countries above entering the UK with a short-term study visa support letter form Kingston University must NOT use the eGates. They MUST insist on seeing an Immigrating officer and obtaining a short-term study stamp in their passport.

Students who fail to obtain a Short-term study visa stamp in their passport can be enrolled on arrival at Kingston University, but MUST exit the UK within 30 days and re-enter to obtain the Short-term study visa stamp.

Full details can be found at the website.

Getting to Kingston University

Kingston University offers an airport pick-up service for new international, European and visiting students living in the local area.

If you are arriving at another time; miss the booking deadline; or want to arrange your own transport at your own expense, the following links will help you find your way to Kingston:

You may also find our how to find us pages useful.


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