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What insurance do I need?

We recommend:

  • insuring your luggage before you start your journey to the UK – you can do this through your travel agent or an insurance company in your home country; and
  • insuring your personal property when you arrive in the UK – if you have anything of high value you may need to insure this separately.

Keep copies of insurance policies, travellers' cheque numbers, passport numbers, your visa etc in a safe place or with family/ friends.

Do I need to bring bedding and kitchen equipment with me?

University halls of residence are fully furnished, but you will need to bring with you or buy the following bedding and kitchen essentials:

  • duvet (we recommend at least 13.5 tog);
  • pillows and bed linen;
  • desk lamp;
  • coat hangers;
  • fused adaptor (not a three-way plug);
  • bath and kitchen towels;
  • personal toiletries and toilet paper;
  • crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils; and
  • pots and pans.

Kitchens are fully equipped with fridge, freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle, iron and ironing board. Please do not bring any extra furniture with you.

Inflatable furniture and bean bags are not allowed. Remember that pets, candles, incense, fireworks and weapons (or replicas) are not permitted either.

You may wish to use a company, which will deliver essential items direct to your accommodation.

What else do I need to remember when packing?

When packing your luggage, remember that:

  • the UK climate is very changeable
    When you arrive in September, the average temperature will be about 15C. However by December/January it can fall as low as 1 to 3C. In the summer months, temperatures in the south of England can be quite hot at around 25C.

    So if you are packing for a whole year's stay you will need a good range of both warm and cool clothing. Alternatively, you can buy reasonably priced clothes from the local shops in Kingston.

    Dressing in the UK is mainly informal so you can wear your own style of clothing. You will need a coat and gloves in winter.

    See for up-to-date UK weather forecasts.
  • airlines have a luggage allowance
    Make sure you check the luggage restrictions for flying to the UK with your departing airport before travelling.

    Many airlines only allow one piece of hand luggage and do not allow you to carry sharp objects or liquids in your hand luggage.
  • mains electrical power in the UK is 240v
    UK plug sockets usually take 13 amp with a 3-pinned fused plug. Please check all your electrical equipment will work on this voltage before coming to the UK.

    Do not bring any electrical items that need mains power unless they are dual voltage 110-120/220-240v (for example, a laptop computer). Remember this will also apply to your mobile phone charger and you may need to buy an adaptor.

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