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Other English language tests and qualifications

Important update

Due to the current situation and widespread disruption to studies around the world, including closure of some of the IELTS test centres, we are implementing the following temporary measures on most courses* to support you in your plan to study with us.

Online English Language Tests

If you are not able to undertake IELTS tests due to testing centres being closed, we now recognise the following online English language tests which you can take: IELTS and TOEFL iBT (see below).

IELTS Online

IELTS Online is a secure, remotely delivered IELTS Academic test that can be taken anywhere with a private space, a computer and a stable internet connection. The test has the same content and format as in-centre IELTS and will cover all four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Visit the IELTS website for further information.

TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition

TOEFL iBT® Home Edition testing is available 24 hours a day, 4 days a week, with appointments available as early as 24 hours after you register. It's available worldwide, except Iran. Visit the ETS TOEFL website to find out more.

Please note we do not accept Best Scores: test results must come from one single test.

LanguageCert International ESOL tests

We are currently unable to accept LanguageCert International ESOL tests for any of our courses. We will update this website if this changes.

Password Skills Plus (new in 2022)

The scoring matches IELTS requirements. For more information, visit the Password website.


Valid two years.

TOEFL iBTAcademic IELTS equivalent
Overall gradesIndividual skills
105 R=26, L=25, S=27, W=27 7.5
95 R=24, L=22, S=25, W=24 7.0
88 R=22, L=21, S=23, W=22 6.5
80 R=20, L=19, S=21, W=20 6.0
72 R=18, L=17, S=20, W=17 5.5
62 R=13, L=14, S=19, W=16 5.0
52 R=9, L=12, S=17, W=14 4.5
42 R=4, L=9, S=16, W=13 4.0

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) / Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) Online

Valid two years.

PTE Academic, PTE Academic Online and PTE Academic for UKVIAcademic IELTS equivalent 
Overall gradesIndividual skills
73 R, L, S, W = 73 7.5
73 R, L, S, W = 73 7.0
59 R, L, S, W = 59 6.5
59 R, L, S, W = 59 6.0
59 R, L, S, W = 59 5.5
43 R, L, S, W = 43 5.0
43 R, L, S, W = 43 4.5
43 R, L, S, W = 43  4.0

International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Pass English Language (A1/A2) with 4 or above at Higher Level (HL); or 5 or above at Standard Level (SL)
  • Pass English Language (B) with 4 or above at Higher Level (HL) only

Cambridge tests

  • Cambridge First Certificate in English / B2 First
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English / C1 Advanced
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English / C3 Proficiency
  • Cambridge International GCSE English Language Examination:
    • Pass at minimum grade C/5 or above #with no skill lower than D or 2 (Syllabus 0500/0522#: English as a first language*)
  • Cambridge IGCSE (English as a second language) (Syllabus 0510/11)
    • Pass at minimum grade B/6 or above #with no skill lower than D or 2 (Syllabus 0500/0522#: English as a first language*)

Hong Kong HKCEE Use of English

  • Pass at minimum grade C (Syllabus B)

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) holders

HKDSE English language gradesIELTS equivalent
4 5.5
4 6.0
4 6.5
5 7.0
5** 7.5

Kaplan Test of English

An easy-to-access, online English Language test that can be taken anywhere at any time.

Use the code KINGKRS65 to claim a 25% discount.

Simply enter the code on the Kaplan booking form to claim the discount.

You'll receive your Kaplan Test of English Certificate within 5 working days of completing the test. For more information, read the Kaplan Student Guide.

Valid for two years. Equivalences overall and in each skill.

Kaplan Test of English gradesIELTS equivalent
426 5.5
459 6.0
480 6.5
500 7.0

Malaysian SPM 1119

  • Cambridge O-level English Language (1119)

Norwegian Vitnemål fra den Videregående skole:

  • English EN1002 or VG1200: Grade 3 or above
  • English Language O-level/GCSE: Grade C or above (or recognised equivalent)

Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE)

Level III pass, pass with merit, pass with distinction for most undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

West African Examinations Council

  • Pass at level C6 or above

NECO National Examination Council

  • Pass at level C6 or above.

 * Please note, Pharmacy courses still only accept the following language qualifications :

  • TOEFL iBT 88 (R=20, L=19, S=21, W=20)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) with an overall score of 58 and no elements less than 50
  • IELTS 6.5 a minimum 6.5 overall grade in IELTS (Academic) with no components lower than 6.0.

IELCA Academic

IELCA Academic/ (IELCA Academic Home Edition-for 2021/22 recruitment)(IELCA= International English Language Competency Assessment) (valid 2 years).

Equivalences overall and in each skill.

IELCA gradesIELTS equivalent
30 5.5
33 6.0
35 6.5
40 7.0
43 7.5

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