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Town House

We are delighted that on 6 January 2020 the library at our Penrhyn Road campus moved into the new Town House building. The Town House is an exciting project for us, providing more study space, improved layout and facilities, including lots of natural light. The building contains teaching studios for dance, space for events, a covered courtyard, two cafes and two roof gardens. The Town House is a place to learn and connect with easy access to our collections, both printed and digital, with excellent IT facilities and connectivity. We look forward to seeing you there!

Although the library has 24 hour opening most days, access during overnight opening from 9:00pm will only be possible for current Kingston University students with a valid ID card via the main entrance side door. All other entrances will be locked from 9:00pm.

Town House guide

The following describes what is located on each floor in the building. To find exact locations of library books - please search the iCat Catalogue or use the iCat Catalogues on floors 2, 3 and 4.

  • Ground floor
  • Welcome desk
    Studio Theatre (Dance students only)
    Green room
    Book return
    Library book loan kiosk
    Eadweard's Café
    First aid room
    Showers and gender-neutral toilets (to open shortly)

  • Floor 1
  • Help desk
    Courtyard gallery
    Shared learning space
    Dance studios (Dance students only)
    Showers (Dance students only)

  • Floor 2 - Group study area
  • IT Help and Discover service
    Library group study rooms
    Archives and special collections
    Library book loan kiosks
    Book returns

    Library books area A
    Study Skills
    000 - 099.99 (Computer science, Journalism & Publishing)

    Library books area B
    100 - 303.99 (Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences)

    Library books area C
    304 - 330.99 (Social Sciences, Politics, Economics)

  • Floor 3 - Whisper study area
  • Assistive Technology Rooms (ATR)
    Library group study rooms
    Student PCs and printers
    Library book loan kiosks
    iCat - catalogue
    Water fountain

    Library books area D
    331 - 345.99 (Economics, Law)

    Library books area E
    346 - 571.99 (Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology)

    Library books area F
    Law case reports & statutes

    Library books area G
    572 - 659.99 (Biology, Medicine & Health, Engineering, Management)

    Library books area H
    660 - 791.99 (Sports, Film)

  • Floor 4 - Silent study area
  • Student PCs and printers
    Reading garden
    Library book loan kiosk
    iCat - Catalogue
    Water fountain

    Library Books Area I
    792 - 826.99 (Theatre and Dance, Literature)

    Library Books Area J
    827 - 999.99 (Literature, History, Geography)

    Library journals A – F
    Library books area K
    Library journals G – Z

  • Floor 5
  • Recreational reading
    Rooftop café and garden
    The Corner

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