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Develop your business skills at summer school

Posted Friday 2 June 2017

Develop your business skills at summer school

Do it your way! Kingston University is famous for supporting students who are interested in working for themselves. Entrepreneurship skills are important life skills, even if you're not thinking of starting your own business.

We work on developing your ideas and creative thinking, problem solving and presentation skills, and learning to see challenges as opportunities. Great experience to take into any job!

Here's what Luke from the USA says about studying entrepreneurship in London, and at Kingston University:

At summer school, you will take part in our fun Bright Futures programme. This will involve workshops, games and activities covering idea generation, networking, selling, pitching and much more.

Why study with us? We have been ranked amongst the top two most successful universities for graduate start-up companies since 2008!

Dwain ReidWho takes this class? Dwain Reid runs our entrepreneurship programme and has coached thousands of people in enterprise and business skills. He also owns a successful childcare company in London.

"Dwain Reid is inspirational. Clear and sound advice and excellent delivery. Success here I come!" Melloc via Twitter.

If you have chosen the International Business pathway, this will also include some entrepreneurship classes.

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