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Kingston University will improve your job prospects

Whether you are joining us straight from your first degree or are coming back to study after a period of work, you will benefit from:

A new set of skills

As well as subject-specific learning, many of our courses enable you to develop a new set of skills, including:

  • problem solving and organisation;
  • data collation, review and synopsis;
  • communication (oral, written and electronic);
  • time management;
  • computing; and
  • co-operation and teamwork.

An internationally recognised qualification

A degree from Kingston University will stand you in good stead wherever in the world you want to work.

If you are an international student, studying in the UK will add extra value to your CV and enable you to prove to employers that you:

  • are competent in English;
  • can integrate into another society;
  • have a different range of academic and professional skills; and
  • have a wider perspective of life.

We offer shorter degree programmes than institutions in many other countries, including the US, Canada and European non-Bologna institutions. For example, most of our full-time MA/MSc courses last one year. This gives you more flexibility and the chance to move into the job market sooner.

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