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Research vision

Research is the life-blood of any University.  The ability to produce original knowledge and to contribute to the good of society through its dissemination is what distinguishes a university from other providers of tertiary training.  Kingston University has established itself as an important voice in the research landscape of UK higher education.  In REF 2014, 60% of our research was considered either world leading or internationally excellent.  Every day researchers at Kingston are working at the frontiers of their disciplines to address fundamental questions of real significance and are also seeking applications of their research in order to change the world.

Kingston has a commitment to a comprehensive span of research throughout its disciplines, contributing to the international research agenda across the spectrum of the sciences, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities.  As a core strategy of the University, Kingston is currently making a multi-million pound investment in research, informed by our new research strategy that places research at the heart of our mission to educate and develop the next generation of thinkers and doers. 

In the coming years we will be building on our existing strengths, while supporting emerging areas of research, and sharing the knowledge we create with the wider world.  We have significant ambitions in research and this is reflected in our wide range of sponsors and partners, from the Research Councils and charities in the UK to the European Union and global foundations.

Whether it is through our research in public health or the human mind, cutting edge design or automotive engineering, new digital technologies or the creative industries, the global economy or contemporary philosophy, Kingston is committed to sustaining a space for critical inquiry and intellectual curiosity that benefits the whole of society.

Our researchers are working with key industry partners across the full range of our disciplines, from Jaguar Land Rover and BAe Systems to the British Film Institute and the Venice Biennale.  Kingston research has helped shape government policy in the United Kingdom and is making important contributions to public life across the globe, responding to the major scientific and intellectual challenges of today.  In REF 2014, our submission in English was rated as 100% world leading for the impact of its research.

Kingston is committed to both fundamental and applied research, blue skies criticality and innovative contributions to social needs.  This work is nurtured in a diverse and supportive environment that seeks to realize the research potential of every member of staff and to develop outstanding graduate researchers.  As a university we are ready to push the frontiers of disciplinary knowledge and to address the horizons of worldwide inquiry, from the position of the contribution we make to the economic and cultural life of London as global city of ideas and talent.