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Research governance and support

Kingston University aims to promote and maintain an environment which fosters and supports research of high ethical standards, mutual co-operation, professionalism and the open and honest exchange of ideas.

Good practice in research is integral to developing the highest quality research as advocated in the University Research Strategy. The University Guide to Good Research Practice (PDF) aims to ensure that there are adequate structures to promote and promulgate good research practice:

  • It is the responsibility of each individual member of the University involved in research to adhere to the principles of good research practice.
  • As Chair of the University Research Committee, the Pro Vice-Chancellor Research is charged with overall responsibility for research conduct in the University on behalf of the Senior Management Team and the Board of Governors.
  • The Deans are responsible for ensuring good research conduct in their respective faculties.
  • Faculty research directors, other senior faculty staff, heads of research units and research centre/group leaders are expected to create and maintain an environment that ensures good research conduct.
  • The University committee structure is critical to the effective dissemination of information and policy documents.