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Kingston University Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the strategic direction of the University, including:

  • determining its educational character and mission;
  • overseeing its financial viability; and
  • making key policy decisions about the running of the University.

The Vice-Chancellor and his team then implement these decisions.

Board members are expected to act in accordance with an agreed Code of Conduct which includes abiding by the seven principles of public life as identified in the Government's Nolan Report: Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

The Board is supported by the University Clerk, Andrew Boggs, and the Corporate Governance and Committees Unit.

Governing documents

Who is on the Board?

There are 15 members of the Board of Governors.

  • 10 independent members
  • One co-opted member
  • One academic nominee
  • One non-teaching staff nominee
  • One student nominee
  • The Vice-Chancellor

Board meetings

View the Board of Governor's Terms of reference (PDF) and the minutes of the Board of Governor's meetings.

How does the Board make decisions?

The Board acts on its own and through its five committees, each of which includes at least three Board members:

2020/21 Board of Governors and Sub-Committee dates

September 2020

  • Wednesday 16 September, 9–11am, Nominations and Governance Committee
  • Wednesday 23 September, 9–11am, Academic Governance Committee
  • Wednesday 30 September, 9am–1pm, Board of Governors

October 2020

  • Thursday 8 October, 9–11am, Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

November 2020

  • Monday 2 November, 9–11am, Academic Governance Committee
  • Wednesday 4 November, 9am–12 noon, Audit & Risk Assurance Committee
  • Wednesday 11 November, 9–11am, Remuneration Committee
  • Tuesday 17 November, 9–11am, Finance Committee
  • Wednesday 25 November, 9am–12 noon, Board of Governors

January 2021

  • Tuesday 26 January, 9–10am, Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

February 2021

  • Wednesday 10 February, 9am–12 noon, Board of Governors
  • Wednesday 24 February, 9–10am, Finance Committee

March 2021

  • Monday 1 March, 10–11am, Nominations & Governance Committee*
  • Wednesday 3 March, 9–11am, Academic Governance Committee
  • Wednesday 10 March 10–11:30am, Board of Governors*
  • Wednesday 24 March, 9–11am, Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

April 2021

  • Wednesday 21 April, 9–11am, Finance Committee

May 2021

  • Wednesday 5 May, 9am–12noon, Board of Governors
  • Tuesday 18 May, 9–11am, Remuneration Committee
  • Tuesday 18 May, 11.15am–1.15pm, Nominations & Governance Committee
  • Wednesday 26 May, 9–11am, Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

June 2021

  • Thursday 10 June, 9–11am, Finance Committee 
  • Wednesday 23 June, 9–11am, Academic Governance Committee
  • Wednesday 30 June, 3–6pm, Board of Governors

* Denotes an extraordinary meeting scheduled

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