Mrs Bijal Dodwani

Research project: Investigating the impact of eWOM on UK banks performance


The changing dynamics of marketing strategies, prompted by factors like low switching costs and heightened market competition, underscore the pivotal role of customer relationship management. In the UK banking industry, the influx of mid-sized challenger banks and digital banks intensifies competition, challenging traditional high street retail banks in their performance. To address this, a focused examination of the evolving customer base is essential, with Social Media platforms and the Internet serving as key tools to capture diagnostic cues for service refinement. Electronic word of mouth, derived from the analysis of customer feedback, emerges as a crucial element in crafting strategies based on observed behavioural patterns. The study not only delves into churn prediction using a specialized model but also contributes to the existing literature on banking service evaluations, construal levels, online reviews, and the behavioural intentions of bank customers.


Professional Summary:

An adept financial services professional, I hold dual master's degrees - MSc in financial and business management and an additional MRes in research from Kingston University, London. My academic journey is complemented by specialised studies in Big Data and Business Analytics, Financial Management, Digital Marketing Practice, and Strategic Marketing.

Higher Education and Research:

As a Research Assistant, my contributions extend to university and partner research projects, emphasizing meticulous execution and achieving research milestones. I actively integrate insights from my studies in Big Data and Business Analytics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data-driven research methodologies.

Simultaneously, my role as a Lecturer involves delivering lectures on diverse aspects of Marketing, including Practices, Competition, Ethics, Word of Mouth Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Leveraging insights from my studies in Strategic Marketing, I actively contribute to the development of the curriculum, fostering a dynamic learning environment, and also participate in marking assignments.

Industry Experience:

My extensive industry experience aligns with my academic expertise, encompassing roles in Marketing and Finance teams. Proficient in strategic marketing and IFRS standards accounting practices, I bring a specialised skill set in utilising advanced data management and analysis tools such as SPSS, STATA, Tableau, MS Access, R-Script, Python and Oracle 8i - skills honed through my studies in Big Data and Business Analytics.

In financial management, I have effectively led operations, oversaw project budgets and conducted intricate income and cost analyses, incorporating principles from my studies in Financial Management. As a Market Research Analyst in digital marketing, I applied insights from my studies in Digital Marketing Practice, conducting nuanced analyses and contributing to strategy formulation for business extensions.

This combined experience in higher education, research, and industry adds to my holistic approach to problem-solving, contributing significantly to both academic and professional spheres.


Areas of research interest

  • Marketing & Analytics
  • Banking & Capital Markets
  • Business Analytics
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics


  • MRes in Research, Kingston University, London
  • Financial and Business management, Kingston University, London
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Mumbai, India


'Recording the role of electronic word of mouth helpfulness in consumer attitudinal and behavioural outcomes: A systematic review of literature'

by Bijal Dodwani, Dr Rahul Chawdhary, Dr Mohammed Nurullah, Dr John Pereira