Mrs Bijal Dodwani

Research project: Investigating the Effect of e-WOM on Switching Intentions of UK Bank Customers


 There has been a significant shift in the positioning of customer relationship management as a central component of marketing strategies due to the low switching costs, the stiff market competition, and the desire to reduce the churn rate. The growing number of mid-sized challenger banks and digital banks in UK banking industry adding competition to the high street retail banks. As a result, high street retail banks in this sector are having difficulties retaining their customers, and as such, it is necessary to diagnose the reasons behind the changes in the customer base in order to deal with the problem. The use of Social Media platforms and the Internet facilitates the capture of these diagnostic cues to help in the process of improvising and corrections of services. By capturing and analysing customer feedbacks, electronic word of mouth can help to develop strategies based on customer's behavioural patterns from the analysis of the user feedbacks. The study further examines churn prediction using a  prediction model. The study contributes to the extant literature on banking service evaluations, construal levels, online reviews, and bank customers behavioural intentions.


I am experienced financial services professional with master's degree in financial and business management from Kingston University, London, and bachelor's degree in commerce with Economics as core subject. I have worked in medium to large companies, in Marketing and Finance teams at different levels to achieve business objectives. Expertise includes strategic marketing, book-keeping (IFRS standards), and data management / analysis tools viz. SPSS, STATA, Tableau, MS Access, R-Script, and Python.


Areas of research interest

  • Electronic word of mouth Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Consumer Behaviour


  • Financial and Business management, Kingston University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Mumbai


'Recording the role of electronic word of mouth helpfulness in consumer attitudinal and behavioural outcomes: A systematic review of literature'

by Bijal Dodwani, Dr Rahul Chawdhary, Dr Mohammed Nurullah, Dr John Pereira