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Subject-specific activities in politics

Politics workshops with leading and multi-awarding-winning lecturer and PhD candidate

  • Age group: Typically Year 10 and above (including sixth form and FE college learners)
  • Activity type: Subject-specific workshops
  • Group size: No larger than 30
  • When: Ad-hoc sessions throughout the year
  • Duration: Typically 1 to 4 hours
  • Location: Penrhyn Road campus, Kingston University

Choose to study politics at university, and you will find out about the theories and practice of power and governance. Whether your students want to make a different within national or international politics or wish to join the ranks of those campaigning for change or reporting political issues, our politics workshops will really get your students thinking!

Session one: What is politics, and why does it matter?

Duration: Typically 1 to 1.5 hours

This session will encourage students to think about what is and what (if anything!) isn't political. It will begin with a short talk introducing the various ways of thinking about the political universe. Next, students will be split into small group to deliberate how politics affects them personally. Once these deliberations have taken place, the session will close with a full group discussion drawing on the ideas and visualisations that come out of the smaller groups.

Session two: Drones and the Ethics of Warfare

Duration: Typically 1 to 1.5 hours

In recent years, drones have become a key part of the way many countries engage in conflict. But are they an essential tool of modern warfare or an attempt for the powerful to avoid accountability? Session Two focuses on students engaging with this very current ethical debate.

After a short introduction talk explaining the topic and highlighting a number of key ethical perspectives, students will be split into two groups in advance of a debate. Each group will be tasked with arguing either for or against the following motion; 'Drones represent an ethical evolution within warfare'. Students will be given time to prepare for the debate.

Sessions One and Two can take place during the same visit, or on separate visits if preferred. Additionally, we can easily combine one (or both) of the above sessions with a selection of our higher education talks including choosing the right course and university, student finance and student life talk, as well as a campus tour.

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