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Understanding in-store customer behaviour

Footfall analyticsFootfall Analytics is a consultancy which uses cutting-edge video analytics technology to help retailers increase their understanding of in-store customer behaviour.

Various sources of data, including CCTV footage and electronic sales information are amalgamated to allow Footfall Analytics to identify and measure key performance indicators such as sales conversion, basket sizes and the staff to customer ratio. A retailer can then use these to inform their retail operations such as store layout, product placement and staff scheduling, to ultimately increase the revenue generating capabilities of their stores.

In order to continue growing the business, the company knew where innovation needed to take place and what the end goal should be.

Project summary

The London Fusion project brought the company together with experts from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing, at Kingston University who were able to use their skills and knowledge to facilitate the innovation required.

Together they produced a prototype for an online dashboard to automate manual processes in capturing and analysing data. This would allow the company to better service their clients and lead to further commercial potential.

The outcomes

The initial development has provided a foundation for further collaboration between Footfall Analytics and Kingston University. At present a development plan is being drafted between the two parties to build on the output from the Fusion collaboration and develop an enhanced commercial solution.

Rohit Vedi, director, Footfall Analytics said: "This programme was ideal for us – with the London Fusion Award, we were able to partner with Kingston University. This is the first time Footfall Analytics has collaborated with a university and the partnership has brought about new ways of working for us.

The two parties bring different skills to the table which in combination, contribute towards innovation with real commercial applications within the UK."

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