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Greener grand designs

Today, CCA has up-to-date knowledge and offers a complete sustainability consultancy service.Demand for more environmentally friendly building design is increasing and industry requirements and legislation are changing rapidly as a result. 

Clive Chapman Architects (CCA) is an award-winning architectural practice in Twickenham. To remain competitive, they needed to develop a sustainability function to offer their clients, but didn't have the in-house expertise to do this alone. 

Kingston University's Archilab, our architectural science and technology laboratory which specialises in the assessment of environmental and sustainable building design, was able to help through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

The KTP completely transformed CCA's business offer.

Sidonie, the recruited graduate, extensively researched complex legislation including the government's 'zero carbon' goal for 2016. Today, CCA can put this into practice, has up-to-date knowledge and offers a complete sustainability consultancy service. They have become more competitive and have seen an increase in reputation and clients. Sustainable consultancy is now offered as an equal to architecture.

As a result of holding open lunchtime talks on topics around sustainability, CCA's reputation has extended to a wider audience, for example, to date they have consulted on nearly 25 different sustainability projects for the local council.

Sidonie is now employed full-time as an architect and sustainability consultant. During the KTP, she also benefited from invaluable research and real-world work experience, as well as securing several industry-related qualifications and a Sustainability for Built Environment Practice MSc from Kingston University.

The project was awarded the highest grade of 'Outstanding' by the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Grading Panel for its achievement in meeting KTP's objectives.

The business continued to innovate during the recession and invested time and money in training for the graduate. This left them well primed for 2010, when the economy has seen an upturn which ensured that CCA remain ahead of its competitors in many areas.

CCA continues to benefit from Kingston's facilities and the expertise of Dr Stephen Pretlove, director of Archilab, who regularly works with them on current projects, including their innovative web-based tool, developed as part of the KTP, to help guide clients through the maze of sustainability requirements for building design.