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Sports strategy

The University approved our first sport and physical activity strategy in July 2009. The mission of the strategy is "to provide the highest quality sport and physical activity experience possible for Kingston University students, staff and the local community at all levels from participation through to excellence".

Through the strategy, the University will pursue a new direction in the development of sport and physical activity at the University which underpins its overall strategic plan. In particular, this approach shall:

  • establish an improved delivery model for sport. It will focus initially on improving non-academic sports provision but shall seek to augment related academic delivery at the institution wherever possible;
  • improve levels of sports participation by understanding the needs of our community better, identifying barriers to participation and striving to overcome them;
  • improve the way in which sports clubs are administered and delivered, maximising the potential of these clubs to succeed in competitive competition whilst maintaining their ability to provide sports participation opportunities;
  • develop a truly comprehensive and athlete-centred support programme for our talented athletes and seek to attract talented sports people to the University through the strength of our provision;
  • enhance the role we play in developing sport beyond our own community by engaging more closely with local sporting groups, schools, colleges, and key local and national sporting agencies. This will include developing our students' skills through community sports outreach/volunteering placement programmes; and
  • establish a structured working approach through the strategy, developed in conjunction with key internal and external partners, and overseen by senior University management to ensure its effective delivery and a direct correlation with the University's overarching strategy.

You can also download an executive summary of the sports strategy (PDF).

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