Dr Dominikus Heift


I have completed my undergraduate chemistry studies at the University of Cologne (Diploma) in 2008 before undertaking a PhD in Phosphorus Chemistry under the supervision of Professor Grützmacher at ETH Zurich. Here I worked on the development of atom economical phosphorus transfer reagents, with a focus on new phosphorus building blocks for heterocyclic molecular frameworks. Subsequently, in 2014 I decided to explore a totally different field of chemistry and worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Chaudret (INSA Toulouse) on the design and synthesis of innovative magnetic nanoparticles for applications in Fischer-Tropsch processes and hyperthermia cancer therapy. In May 2016 I was awarded an  EU-COFUND Junior Research Fellowship at Durham University and started establishing my own field of research in Main Group chemistry. In addition to my own research projects at Durham University I was working as Technical Development Support on an ERDF project between Durham University and CPI (Centre for Process Innovation). The project supported SMEs in the UK to design nanomaterials for a range of applications and helped me establishing several industrial collaborations. I was appointed as Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at Kingston University in 2020.

Twitter: @DominikusHeift

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry


  • Diploma in Chemistry
  • PhD
  • MRSC
  • FHEA

Teaching and learning

Qualifications and expertise

  • FHEA

Undergraduate courses taught


I am interested in the synthesis and characterisation of molecular Main Group compounds and developing novel strategies to stabilise highly reactive species through rational design of tuneable ligand frameworks. Our focus is on Pnictogen (group 15) chemistry. We are developing new precursors for catalysts and molecular building blocks for heterocycles and functional materials. Currently we are investigating the potential of "pnictogen bonding" for catalysis and material design.

Research student supervision


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