Professor Neil Williams


I am currently the Interim Associate Dean (Education) for the Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education. Previously I was interim Associate Dean (Education) (2021-22) and  Director of Undergraduate Studies (2016-2021) in the Faculty of Science Engineering and Computing.  l have a long-standing commitment to supporting the widening participation, retention and the attainment of students from under-represented backgrounds in the chemical sciences and more broadly across STEM. A key recent focus has been in developing socially just and inclusive curricula including decolonisation of the science curriculum. Key achievements have been

  • Improved student outcomes through adoption of student-centread teaching methods such a project based learning and flipped classroom.
  • Supporting STEM academic across the UK in adopting inclusive and socially just curricula.
  • Establishing with other UK colleagues  the National Horizons in STEM Higher Education conference programme to promote SoTL in STEM and help enhance the student experience. 
  • Developing  two major student-staff research partnership schemes a Faculty Summer Undergraduate Research Internship scheme to enhance STEM research skills and a Student Academic Development Research Associate Scheme (SADRAS) focused on pedagogic research.

This work has been recognised by  National Teaching Fellowhip (2023), KU Inclusive curriculum bursary (2021), Learning Science Teaching Innovation award (2020),  Advanced HE Good Practice Grant (2020) and Principal Fellowship of the Education Academy (2018)

I obtained my PhD on surface organometallic chemistry, under the supervision of Professor John Evans from the University of Southampton in 1992.  I subsequently did post-doctoral research in the area of inorganic chemistry and surface chemistry at the National Institute for Materials and Chemical Research, Japan, University of Sussex and the University of East Anglia. After a period at the University of Central Lancashire I joined Kingston University in 1999.

Academic responsibilities

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching


  • 2018 Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • 2001 Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Kingston University
  • 1993 PhD An In Situ Spectroscopic Investigation of Titania-Supported Rhodium and Ruthenium Organometallics, University of Southampton
  • 1989 BSc (Hons) Chemistry, First Class, University of Southampton

Teaching and learning

Much of the focus in my own teaching and work with colleagues centres on improving the retention, progression and attainment of students from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds.  I have instigated a range of schemes to support this aim such as our Support for Academic Progression Programme, Summer Undergraduate Research Internships and the Student Academic Development Research Associate Scheme. Integral to a range of my initiatives has been an evaluation of the impact of the projects on awarding gaps and graduate outcomes.

My teaching philosophy and practice is based on a constructivist theoretical framework and has focused on developing and using Active Learning methods.  These approaches are closely aligned to my focus on addressing award gaps; research has shown that they favour all students, but students from under-represented backgrounds benefit the most. In 2005 I was an early adopter of a blended learning/Flipped classroom approach to teaching inorganic chemistry. The positive impact and student satisfaction and outcomes have been published  This approach is still used on Chemistry degree programme and I have supported other staff across the faculty to implement such an approach, most recently in the revalidation of engineering degree programmes in 2018.

More recently, informed by the university's inclusive curriculum framework, I replaced a lecture series in a first year chemistry module with a Project Based Learning approach, where students are encouraged to co-create the curriculum. In addition I provided a range of on-line resources to support students laboratory practical skills and developed smart worksheets to help students in their laboratory assessments. This improved average module marks and helped close a module awarding gap. The work was recognised by the award of a Learning Science Teaching Innovation Award in 2020.

A current learning and teaching interest is promoting discussions on "decolonising the science curriculum" across the UK, through the work of the Creative Curriculum Collective based in Bristol. Since 2020, I have helped facilitate discussions and share some of my work on the topic at the Universities of  Leeds, Keele, Bristol, Edinburgh Napier, Warwick, Aberdeen, Kings College London, St Andrews and Exeter as well as an Advance HE LTHE chat. In addition, since 2020, I have given seminars at Universities of Central Lancashire, Liverpool, York, Edinburgh, Dundee, Sussex, Newcastle and UCL on inclusive curricula  for Chemistry. I successfully gained an Advance HE Good Practice Grant to develop materials to support this CPD, which are  available on the AdvanceHE website.

I have taken a learning teaching pathway in my career and I aim to do as much as I can to develop pedagogic practices in other STEM staff both within my institution and beyond. I have achieved this by supporting them to experiment with their teaching and assessment, based on evidence informed practice.

Qualifications and expertise

  • Active learning
  • Inclusive curricula and decolonising the science curriculum
  • Student staff partnership schemes

Undergraduate courses taught


In the last decade my research has been focused on surface chemistry, particularly the use of silicon-based chemistry to introduce chemical functionality onto inorganic and polymer surfaces as part of a number of successful PhD completions such as:

  • Immobilisation of palladium carbene complexes on silica surfaces and their application in heterogeneous catalysis (Dr Leon Whiteman)
  • Fluorination of medical grade polymethylmethacrylate for use in intraocular lenses (Dr Navid Shokri)
  • Modification of polyurethane  with graphene and hydrophobic silica based solution for the development of wind turbine surface coatings  (Arash Dashtkar)

Previous research focused on ligand synthesis (e.g., N-heterocyclic carbenes) and application to homogeneous and asymmetric catalysis.

In addition I have a long standing interest in evaluation and pedagogic research in the STEM area. Recent work has focused on practices that close BME awarding gaps.

Areas of specialism

  • Closing BME attainment gaps
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Organometallic Chemistry


Number of items: 56.


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Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Division Council
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Principal Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Leadership and management

In my role as Director of Undergraduate Studies within the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing is focused on

  • Improving the student experience
  • Enhancing Learning, Teaching and Assessment practice
  • Developing an inclusive curriculum
  • Closing award gaps
  • Improving retention
  • Raising graduate outcomes
  • Supporting quality assurance and enhancement

University responsibilities

  • SADRAS Steering Group
  • Student Surveys Group
  • NSS task force
  • Chairing Internal Subject Reviews and Validation Panels
  • Chairing University Kingston Academic Practice Scheme (KAPS) and Introduction to Learning and Teaching (ILT) panels

Public and CIVIC roles

  • Chair of Governors for Coombe Federation of Schools, New Malden, Kingston upon Thames

Social media

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