Sharon Sharif Moghadam


I am an aerodynamics lecturer in the Department of Aircraft and Aerospace Engineering. Reaching out to Kingston University's diverse body of students and beyond to share the excitement of scientific discovery has been a growing passion of mine as a Kingston University alumnus and member of staff. In addition to coordinating and co-teaching Kingston University's undergraduate and post graduate students, I take a leadership role in developing training programs for teaching assistants and enhancing classroom and lab experiences for undergraduates. I also provide STEM learning opportunities for new applicants and inspiring younger generations through STEM outreach programs in schools.

I have a great understanding of the Aviation and Aerospace industry gained from my years of experience working within the Aerospace Industry and Academic institutions. I have done both my undergraduate and post graduate majoring on Aerospace Engineering. I have worked with well-known Aerospace companies such as Rolls-Royce during my years as an aerospace engineer. I have received a scholarship from the Royal Aeronautical Society for my Masters and PhD degrees. I attained my Fellowship in Higher Education and PGCert Academic Practice at Kingston University. I have been nominated twice as the best tutor of the year based on student's opinion.

My research interest is in Aerodynamics specifically in the field of numerical modelling and computational simulation (CFD) on steady and unsteady aerodynamics in aerospace engineering. My PhD project is based on Aerodynamic and Aeroacoustics analysis of a high-lift devices. I am very keen to perform research activities that incorporate industry applications. This could include conducting group research, publishing high quality journal papers, attaining research grants, and participating in national and international conferences.

Academic responsibilities



  • MPhil
  • Msc
  • BEng (Hon)
  • FHEA

Teaching and learning

Qualifications and expertise

  • Aerospace propulsion
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Postgraduate courses taught


Areas of specialism

  • Aeroacoustics and Noise
  • Computational aerodynamics
  • Boundary layer transition and Laminar flow control techniques