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Student leadership in sustainability

At Kingston University, our students are leading the way in sustainability. You can also find out more about what the Union of Kingston Students is up to in its sustainability work.

Student Research Projects

Hannah Keene, BSc (Hons) Geography

Global uneven development patterns have manifested conditions of poverty and inequality across space. The nature of predatory capitalism has exacerbated these conditions in the perpetual pursuit for acquiring maximum surplus value. Fairtrade has become an increasingly important instrument to address these concerns. Yet criticism surrounds the ability for Fairtrade to confront capitalism, whilst depending on the system to allow its functioning. Thus, this research investigates how effective Fairtrade truly is in addressing these developmental discrepancies and exploitative conditions of capitalism.

Read Investigating the Contradictions of the Representation and the Reality of Fairtrade – A Marxist Critical Analysis >

Green Impact Students Unions

Students and staff work together to improve the University's environmental impacts. 

Sustainability Student Working Group

Students take action on sustainability around campus and represent the student voice for ethical and environmental issues. 

Sustainability Week

Sustainability Week is run by the Sustainability Student Working Group and aims to raise awareness about environmental issues amongst Kingston University students and staff.

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