Study geography and environmental science


Our geography course is concerned with understanding the Earth's environments and the global concerns of humanity. This course has been accredited by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), which confirms it has a solid academic foundation and prepares you for the needs of the world. We offer a diverse range of modules in both human and physical geography, giving you the opportunity to create your own route within your degree.

You'll engage with real world learning, working in partnership with local authorities, community groups, international agencies, and NGOs, both in the UK and on fieldwork abroad.

Environmental science

If you're interested in finding sustainable solutions to the world's environmental challenges, such as climate change, development pressures, resource use and pollution, our highly practical environmental science course could be for you. You'll continually apply your studies to real-life situations through fieldwork and paid work placement opportunities.

We have excellent links with industry, business and environmental organisations. Our graduates work as environmental consultants, analysts or technicians with local authorities, in waste management, wildlife conservation, and in teaching and administrative roles.