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Tuition fees for undergraduate courses at Kingston University

The tuition fees you have to pay depends on the course you are studying. Remember you'll also need to budget for living costs and your accommodation.

Tuition fees for home/EU students

Course 2020/21 2019/20
 Full-time undergraduate £9,250 £9,250 
 Foundation Year 0 – SEC Faculty £9,250 £9,250 
 Foundation Year 0 – FBSS Faculty £9,250 £7,800 
 Foundation Physical Education, Activity and Sport (Year 1) £7,800 £7,800 
 Foundation Physical Education, Activity and Sport (Year 2) £7,800 £7,250 
 Foundation Degree Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences £9,250 £7,800 
 2 Year Foundation Degrees / HND (Year 1) £7,800 £7,800 
 2 Year Foundation Degrees / HND (Year 2) £7,800 £6,300 
 2 Year Foundation – Early Years (Year 1) £6,000 £5,300 
 2 Year Foundation – Early Years (Year 2) £5,300  £5,170 
 Industrial Placement Year (on four-year sandwich course) £1,130 £1,105
 Study Abroad Year £1,385  £1,350
 Edexcel Diploma in Art and Design Foundation (students aged over 19) £5,000  £1,335
Students Studying for an Equivalent / Lower Qualification (ELQ) £6,375 £6,190

For full time programmes of a duration of more than one academic year, the published fee is an annual fee, payable each year, for the duration of the programme. Your annual tuition fees cover your first attempt at all of the modules necessary to complete that academic year. A re-study of any modules will incur additional charges calculated by the number of credits. Home/EU tuition fees may be subject to annual increases but will not increase by more than the fee caps as prescribed by the Office for Students or such other replacing body. Full time taught International fees are subject to an annual increase and are published in advance for the full duration of the programme.

Information for EU students

The Government has confirmed that EU students applying for places at universities in England in the 2020/21 academic year will be eligible for student loans and grants throughout their degree programmes. The decision means they will be eligible for the same funding and support available to current EU students. These rights will continue for the full duration of their courses, even if the UK exits the European Union during that period.

Tuition fees for international students

Please check the course pages to find out the international student tuition fees for specific courses.

2019 entry

2019/20 Undergraduate Fees (£)
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4 (if applicable)
Art and design £15,300 £15,600 £15,900  
Other studio based
£14,200 £14,600 £15,000  
Classroom £12,700 £13,100 £13,500  
Laboratory based £14,200 £14,600 £15,000  
Pharmacy £14,600
£15,000 £15,450 £15,900

2020 entry

2020/21 Undergraduate Fees (£)
Year 1Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 (if applicable)
Art and design £15,600 £15,900 £16,200  
Other studio based
£14,600 £15,000 £15,400  
Classroom based £13,100 £13,500 £13,900  
Laboratory based £14,600 £15,600 £15,400  
Pharmacy £15,000
£15,450 £15,900 £16,200

Other international fees are charged as follows:

2020/21 2019/20
One-year sandwich course or placement abroad £1,385 £1,350
Students studying abroad for one full year £3,700 £3,600
Art and Design foundation course £13,100 £12,700

If you're not sure whether you pay the home or overseas fee rate, please visit the UKCISA website.

You can also download and complete our Fee Status Questionnaire (PDF). Please return it to the following address:

  • Fees Status Team, Kingston University Admissions
    Room 1004, Yorkon Building
    Kingston University
    Kingston Hill campus
    Kingston upon Thames
    Surrey KT2 7LB

If you have any questions about your fee status, please email us.

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