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Bright Ideas winners

Runner up
Engineering 1
Future is an Open Door
Bettina Gardasz

Charlie Jeffries
Jay Daniells
Ieuan Lewis
Harry Hobbs
Engineering 2
James Richardson
Sam Eady
Joe Doyle
Gabriel Dransfield

WIU (Wireless Indicator Unit)
Arturas Gulevskis
Julia Kurola
Science, Health and Wellbeing Dehydration Indicator
Ona Anilionyté
Michael Winder
Kuda Dzimwasha
Vladlena Bartsch
Helen Kyeyune
Online Technology Enviral
Nasima Begum
Through the Mailbox
Wajahat Ahsan
Products MAGNOZ
Natik Bohara
Yashi Singhbi
Ansh Bohara
The TITAN Holder
Divesh Kaim
Sanif Momin
Claire Volke
Hector Baeza
Social Enterprise Exhibition Installation for the Visually Impaired
Matthew Tomlinson
Rosie Akroyd
Anne Danao
Upcycled Crisp Wrapper Creations
Destiny Fakayode
Services Scoopers
Halyn Chang
Wei Tang
The Unified Wolves
Rebecca Imaizumi
Silicon Valley virtual panel 100% Lint
James John Nuthall
People's Choice (the best winning pitch, as voted for by the awards ceremony audience) 100% Lint
James John Nuthall
Golden Ticket (voted for by judges at a networking session after the pitches) BOXIE
Josiah Haroon
Celine Chang
Mais Tibi
Sai Charan Devarla
Nidhi Vijay