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Sopwith building

The Sopwith building is a modern teaching and learning centre named after Sir Thomas Sopwith who was knighted for his pioneering work on aircraft design and manufacture.

Most of the building is used by computing, information systems and maths students. Facilities include a wide range of labs for research and for the development of information systems.

For example, our games lab is packed with specialist software supplied by Sony and Microsoft to give students hands-on experience with the latest technology. Xbox and hand-held PSP games consoles, as well as the development technology that links the consoles to PCs, are available on every desk.

The ground floor is home to our civil engineering labs and has specially strengthened floors to accommodate its heavy equipment. Students have access to:

  • extensive materials and structures facility for concrete, masonry, steel and timber;
  • geotechnical and hydraulics testing facilities; and
  • surveying equipment, such as satellite global-positioning systems.

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