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Halls of residence reception

The reception desk should be your first point of contact for any queries in halls, such as maintenance requests and public transport information.

You can contact the halls management team or the security team 24 hours a day.  During the operational times as displayed at each hall of residence, you can either go to the reception or telephone them, and outside of these times you can contact the security team directly. There is an on-call duty manager who can be contacted for advice by the security team in the event of an emergency. The KUSCO security team are available 24 hours a day across all the University's campuses and halls and undertake periodic patrols of all areas.


Incoming mail should be addressed with the following information:

All post is delivered to your flat's post box, which is located in the reception area. It is essential that all incoming mail includes your room number as part of the address so that it can be posted in the correct post box. Please ensure that the post box is closed properly to avoid theft.

If you are receiving money or valuable documents, including bank cards, please request that they are sent by registered or recorded mail to ensure their safe delivery.

All parcels, registered and recorded mail will need to be collected from the reception desk. Please check the times displayed in each reception for when you are able to collect post, parcels and registered and recorded mail. A list of mail awaiting collection is displayed in reception, which it is your responsibility to check. Please remember that you will need to show your ID card to collect parcels. Post left uncollected for two weeks will be returned to sender. Please be aware that there are no postal or courier deliveries over the weekend or bank holiday periods and if you arrange for a package to be couriered to you, you should ensure that your room number is on the package so that the delivery company can deliver it to you direct.

You must not receive post for any other person at your address. Any non-resident mail will be returned immediately to the sender, without exception.

All outgoing mail can be posted in the local post box (ask your hall receptionist for directions).

If you are lucky enough to receive flowers during your time in halls, we will usually deliver them to your room. However, on Valentine's Day this is not possible so we will pin a flower list on the board along with the parcel list.

When you leave your hall at the end of your licence, any mail received will be returned to sender. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all mail re-directed in good time.


Faxes can be sent and received from reception. There is a charge for sending a fax. Faxes received and awaiting collection will be detailed on the parcel list.


All halls have emergency telephones that will accept incoming calls. We will let you know the telephone number on arrival. You may not accept transfer charge calls – any charge incurred in this way will be deducted from your hall deposit.

You can call the emergency services free of charge by dialling 9 - 999. You can also contact reception in an emergency via these telephones.

Please report any fault to reception. Any vandalism will result in disciplinary action.


All study bedrooms have a networked internet connection. Please note that the connection is for educational purposes only and some ports and services are restricted. Kingston University will support the connection itself, not your own computer.

Television licences

Any person watching a live television in their bedroom must pay for an individual TV licence – you are not covered by your parents' licence at home. Alternatively, you may wish to share a TV in the kitchen and therefore share the cost of a licence. The TV licensing agency makes regular checks.

Find out more about TV licences for students on the TV Licensing website.

Please note rooms in halls are not fitted with aerial sockets. Therefore reception is inconsistent.

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