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In May or June we will send you accommodation information by email. This is your notification to access our halls application website and enter your room type preferences. It is important to research which room types are most suitable for you and enter these preferences correctly to avoid disappointment.


  • If you do not enter any preferences you will NOT have applied and you will not be allocated a room. We will assume you don't want halls accommodation and will not contact you again.

  • Even if Kingston is your insurance choice you should enter preferences to apply. The last date for applications is 9 August 2013. No new applications will be considered after that date.

  • You must enter three different preferences (unless you are a nursing student in which case you make two preferences). Unfortunately we are unable to offer a room to every first-year student who applies for halls and meets our eligibility criteria.

  • Please ensure that you read and follow the instructions before you make your preferences. If you save your preferences correctly, you will receive an email confirming that they have been approved (this does not mean you have been allocated a room, only that your preferences have been submitted correctly).

  • Ensure you understand the preferences you are choosing in terms of price and location. Kingston University operates across four campuses and seven hall sites so has many different price bands.  

  • You can login and make changes or cancel your selected preferences up until the point at which you are allocated a room. No changes can be made after this.

  • Applying for halls of residence does not guarantee that you will be allocated a room. There will be eligible students who apply to us that we will be unable to house.

How to enter your preferences

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  • Read all the instructions and then click the 'I have a KU Student ID and Password and would like to apply for halls' link.
  • Another window should open for you to log in and enter your preferences. Sometimes the window will not load and your browser shuts down. This is a common problem with anti-virus software because the site uses pop-ups. Before logging in, please configure your browser or pop-up blocker software to allow pop-ups from this specific site.
  • Once the window has opened, enter your KU Student ID. This is printed at the top of the 'Where to live next year' email we sent to you. Your password was sent to you in the 'Getting ready and online services' email, please remember if you have changed this.
  • If you cannot remember your password or need to reset your password please visit or email

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  • A new page will open with your name at the top. Please read the instructions on this page.

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  • On the left you will see 'Application' and 'Bookings' links. To make your hall preferences, please select the 'Application' link and then 'Room/plan preferences'.
  • You will then need to select three different price band preferences (eg en suite, standard, budget en suite). Please make sure you have read the information about price bands and locations first. Whilst we will endeavour to allocate your first choice it is not always possible so it is vital that you select three different preferences. Putting three of the same preference will not increase the chances of getting that room type and may mean you are not allocated a room at all.

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  • To make your preferences click the 'Application period' drop-down box and select the option you can see. In the majority of cases this will be '2013-14 40 WKS STD'.
  • A room preferences section will now appear below. If necessary, make sure you scroll down the page so that everything is visible. You will see the title bar, a 'New' link, and 'Cancel' and 'Continue' buttons.

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  • To make your first preference, click the 'New' link. A separate window will appear with two areas:
    • Preference number
    • Preferred room type (drop-down box)

help image 7

  • The preference number will enter itself automatically.
  • Click on the drop-down box for 'Preferred room type'. You will see all the different room types appear. Make your preference.

help image 8

  • Click the 'Continue' button to enter your preference. The window will close and the preference you made will be listed on the preceding page.

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  • Click the 'New' link again and repeat the steps above to enter preferences two and three.
  • Once you have entered all three preferences, click the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.

help image 10

  • A message will pop up that says 'Data processing... Click OK to continue and please wait for the confirmation message'.

help image 11

  • The confirmation message says 'Your room/plan preferences have been saved.
    Thank you for submitting your online housing request'.
  • If you have entered and saved your preferences correctly, you will receive a confirmation email confirming that you have successfully entered your preferences with a PDF attachment with your details.

Communication tip

It is vital that our Applicant Services Department has your current address and email address, especially if you are travelling abroad during the summer. When we make an accommodation offer, there is a limited time to reply and pay the deposit to secure your room.


Please email or phone +44(0)844 855 2177 if you need to update your details.

Kingston University halls of residence

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