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Important dates for visiting students

How do I know if I am a ‘visiting' student?

You will often be referred to as a ‘visiting' student if you are here on a Study Abroad, Erasmus Exchange or International Exchange programme, and not studying for your full degree at Kingston University.

Visiting students' enrolment

Enrolment is when you officially register on your course and is very important. This is for students who are fee assessed as either overseas or Home / EU and studying at Kingston as a Study Abroad, International Exchange or Erasmus Exchange student.

for visiting students, this will take place on Thursday 4 January at 10:00am.

Where: Penrhyn Road campus, John Galsworthy building, first floor, room 1009 

Visiting students' Orientation

This Orientation is compulsory for all visiting students and is tailored to them. The session will include an academic seminar:  Adjusting to learning and teaching in the UK.

When: Thursday 4 January 2018, 10.00am Study Abroad and International Exchange students and 12.00 midday Erasmus exchange students.

Where: Penrhyn Road campus, main building, ground floor, Clattern Lecture Theatre.

What should I bring? A pen and paper to take notes.

Erasmus faculty meetings

In addition to enrolment and orientation, Erasmus students will need to meet their Erasmus co-ordinator for your subject area. This is your opportunity to talk about your choice of modules and to finalise your learning agreement. Your faculty will contact you to confirm your appointment.

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