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Foundation Diploma in Art & Design: What our students say

Student profiles

Don't just take our word for it – here's what students say about what it's like to study at Kingston University.

Rebecca Grey

Name: Rebecca Grey, Student of the Year
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Rebecca went on to study Specialist Make-up Design: Fashion and Editorial Image at the University of the Arts, London.

"Well what can I say about my foundation year at Kingston? It has been a hundred times better than I could ever have imagined. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and consequently my work has improved dramatically. I have made great friends and been inspired by talented tutors as well as other students. Coming into university every day has been a great social experience, alongside working harder than I have ever done before. I have loved every minute of my course and will not be forgetting it any time soon."


Serena Wise

Name: Serena Wise, Student of the Year
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Serena is continuing her studies here at Kingston on the Graphic Design BA(Hons) course.

"I absolutely loved my time at Kingston – it was so exciting to be in a place where everyone enjoyed the same thing. I was shocked at how much my work changed in just a year; the tutors were the main reason for this. I found them to be passionate and always there to give advice, which I feel you just don't get at other places."


Ellen Fearnley

Name: Ellen Fearnley, Student of the Year
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Ellen went on to study textiles with business studies at the University of Brighton.

"My year on the Kingston foundation has been amazing. Being surrounded by people with the same interests and aspirations creates a fun and exciting atmosphere. The first term's rotation allowed experimentation in a variety of different subject areas, working with tutors who are practicing professionals giving amazing insight into their industries. The tutors are always around to give help and advice.

The foundation course encourages you to be the best that you can be by trying and testing ideas and outcomes, while learning time management skills and how to talk about your work. I'm going to really miss Kingston and I would definitely recommend it."


John Gumley-Mason

Name: John Gumley-Mason, Student of the Year
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

John is continuing his studies at Kingston on the Fine Art BA(Hons) course. 

"Deciding to come to Kingston for the foundation course was the best decision of my life. I have always known art was the world for me but the first term (where you try everything from fashion to animation) really broadened my horizons and helped me to become certain about the particular art path I want to follow. The Kingston foundation experience is all about trying out new ideas and learning to carry projects through. 

Added to that it's a lovely place – it's always good for artists to have a river nearby. But most of all the people are great. The tutors are inspiring and always have time for you and we students encourage and help each other.  I have enjoyed every minute of this course  If you want to create art, work hard and have a great time, Kingston is THE place for you!"


Helena Bradbury

Name: Helena Bradbury, runner-up Student of the Year
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Helena is continuing her studies at Kingston on the Illustration Animation BA(Hons) course.

"Kingston foundation has helped me gain the confidence I needed in my work and my own ability. From the way the course is run, the briefs which are set and the amazing support given by the tutors I am happy in knowing I am on the right path. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and as a result my work has improved considerably. The amount of effort that has been put in from my personal tutors has made me naturally want to give back more; they have been what has made the course. Their delicate touches in directions have pushed my ideas further and further."


Eleonora Canal

Name: Eleonora Canal
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Eleonora is continuing her studies at Kingston on the Product and Furniture Design BA(Hons) course.

"When I came to England to study art I was a quite nervous because everything was new – language, place and friends – but now I can say that coming here was the best advice that I have ever received. The foundation course was really good because I could learn about what my skills and interests are thanks to excellent tutors.

I lived in halls of residence and I can say that it is an experience that everyone should try! Living with people that you don't know very well and that sometimes have different habits or culture is not always easy but it's a foundation of growth because you learn a lot."


Stacey Freeman

Name: Stacey Freeman, Drawing Prize
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Stacey is continuing her studies at Anglia Ruskin University majoring in illustration.

"Since starting this foundation course I have been encouraged, inspired and have dramatically improved thanks to an incredible team of staff and their support.

I have found the foundation to be a fantastic opportunity to expand my abilities and experience. Throughout this short year I have made unforgettable friends and have had a lot of fun. Kingston has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of illustration, which I am excited to pursue into a degree course in September."


Andrew Lu

Name: Andrew Lu
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Andrew is continuing his studies at Kingston on the Product and Furniture Design BA(Hons).

"I have enjoyed my year at Kingston very much, thanks to the great surroundings and inspirational tutors. I loved coming in every day, using the workshop and making some really good friends. The tutors give really fun and interesting projects, and you should take advantage of the library as a resource. I gained a lot of confidence from this course and loved it so much that I will be staying at Kingston for my degree!"


Hideto Shinkawa

Name: Hideto Shinkawa
Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Hideto is continuing his studies at Goldsmiths College, London majoring in fine art and critical studies.

"The atmosphere of Kingston University is very sociable, plus the University has extensive facilities and a solid curriculum. I benefited from this during my foundation course, which contributed to my success in achieving a place at Goldsmiths College to study fine art. My tutors and friends always gave me good advice and helped me choose my next university.In particular, my tutors taught me mixing media, which developed my art works into more abstract, powerful and metaphorical pieces. This development led me to fine art. In addition, the libraries and English course also supported the advancement in my studies."


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