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Policies and regulations

View the academic policies and regulations and non-academic policies for Kingston University for 2014/15. You can also view previous years' policies and regulations.

2014/15 academic policies and regulations:

2014/15 non-academic policies:

General regulations

Code Document
GR1 General Student Regulations 2014/15 (PDF)
Student Complaints Procedure 2014/15 (PDF)
GR2b Student Complaints Guidance 2014/15 (PDF)
Student Disciplinary Procedure 2014/15 (PDF)
GR3b Student Disciplinary Guidance 2014/15 (PDF)
GR4a Fitness to practise (Student Conduct) 2014/15 (PDF)
GR4b Fitness to practise (Health and Disability) 2014/15 (PDF)

Academic regulations

Code Document
AR1 Awards of the University 2014/15 (PDF)
AR2 Undergraduate Regulations 2014/15 (PDF)
AR3 Postgraduate Regulations 2014/15 (PDF)
AR4 Research Courses 2014/15 (PDF)
AR5 Mitigating Circumstances and Student Assessment 2014/15 (PDF)
AR6 Academic Misconduct – Taught Courses (PDF) – available soon
Quick guide to academic misconduct regulations (PDF) – available soon
AR7 Academic Misconduct – Research Degrees (PDF) – available soon
AR8 AR8 Academic Appeals
AR9 AR9 Academic Appeals
AR10 Expulsion on Academic Grounds 2014/15 (PDF)
AR11 Honorary Awards 2014/15 (PDF)
AR12 Conduct of Examinations Regulations 2014/15 (PDF)
AR13 Professional Doctorate Regulations – Doctor of Education (EdD) 2014/15 (PDF)

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Academic policies

Code Document
AP1 Admissions Policy (PDF) – available soon
AP2 Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy (PDF) – available soon
AP3 Academic Quality and Standards Policy (PDF) – see also Academic Quality and Standards Handbook – available soon
AP4 Audio recording of lectures by students (PDF) – available soon
AP5 Placement Learning(PDF) – available soon
AP6a Academic Flexibility – Sporting Activities (PDF) – available soon
AP6b Academic Flexibility – Arts and Culture (PDF) – available soon
AP7 Fraudulent Applications(PDF) – available soon
AP8 Timetabled Student Activity Cancellation Policy – available soon (PDF)
AP9 Admission of Applicants under the age of 18 years (PDF) – available soon (PDF)

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Academic guidance

Code Document
AG1 Keys Skills Framework – A Guide for Staff (PDF) – available soon
AG2 University Level Descriptors (PDF) – available soon
AG3a Plagiarism – A Staff Guide (PDF) – available soon
AG3b Plagiarism – A Student Guide (PDF) – available soon
AG4 Guide to Good Research Practice (PDF) – available soon
AG5 Provision of Academic References for Students (PDF) – available soon
AG6 Management and Retention of Student Files (PDF) – available soon
AG7 University Grade Criteria (PDF) – available soon
AG8 Procedures for dealing with misconduct in research staff (PDF) – available soon

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Other policies

Ethics: Guidance and Procedures for Undertaking Research involving Human Subjects (PDF) – available soon
Intellectual Property Rights: Staff – available soon (PDF)
Intellectual Property Rights: Students (PDF) – available soon
Commitment to the Bologna Process (PDF) – available soon
Freedom of speech and external speakers (PDF) – available soon

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Non-academic policies 2014/15

Equality, diversity and inclusion

One Kingston: our strategy for equality, diversity and inclusion (PDF) – available soon
Action plan (PDF) – available soon
Equality annual report 2013(PDF) and appendices (PDF) – available soon

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View all the sustainability policies – available soon

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Information regulations

Copyright infringement policy (PDF)
CCTV code of practice (Word) – available soon
Data Protection Policy (PDF) – available soon
Data Protection Section 29(3) Code of Practice (PDF) – available soon
Data Quality Policy (PDF) – available soon
Freedom of Information Policy (PDF) – available soon
ICT Security and Usage Policy(PDF) – available soon
Terms of use of Kingston University email system – available soon(PDF)
Information Security Policy (PDF) – available soon

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Student life

Student Partnership Agreement (PDF) – available soon
Student Substance Use and Misuse Policy (PDF) – available soon
Safety and security:
Statement(PDF) – available soon
My Kingston page (available to current students only)
Student Intellectual Property Rights Appeals Panel (PDF) – available soon
Freedom of speech and external speakers (PDF) – available soon

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Human resources policies

Disclosure and Barring Procedure for Staff (PDF) – available soon
Recruitment of Ex-offenders Policy (PDF) – available soon

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Internal financial procedures

Full Financial Regulations (PDF) – available soon
Fraud Response Plan (PDF) – available soon
Procedures for External Research Funding (PDF) – available soon

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Procurement policy

Terms and conditions of purchase (PDF) – available soon


Anti-bribery policy (PDF) – available soon

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