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Fees and funding information for undergraduate courses

Studying at university has become a big investment for students. We understand that money matters may be a concern for many students and their families; if you need advice, you have come to the right place.

Please see our 2015 entry FAQs below for general information about tuition fees and financial help.

We also have some extra information for:

If you need any further information or help, contact the Student Life Centre.

After you have applied

If you've already applied to Kingston University, you probably have lots of questions about exactly how your finances will work once you get here. Check out our tips and advice for managing your money.

Read about how to pay your fees or download our Money Matters guide:

Fees and student finance for courses starting in 2015

More detailed information for specific courses, including how to apply for student finance, can be found on each course page for 2015 entry. Check these pages for information relevant to the course you want to apply for/have applied for.

Tuition fees (or annual graduate contributions)

Kingston University will charge the following tuition fees to new full-time UK and EU undergraduates who start their courses in September 2015:

Course Tuition fee in 2015/16
Foundation Year in Science
Foundation Year in Engineering
Foundation Year in Computing, Information Systems and Maths
Foundation degrees in Early Years (including Management & Leadership and Special Educational Needs) £4,950
All other foundation degrees and HNDs £6,000
All degree courses

These fees are annual and increase in line with inflation each year.

When will I have to pay the fees?

Eligible students who are studying for their first undergraduate degree will not have to pay these fees up front. A loan is available from the Government to cover the cost of tuition so you don't have to find the money to pay your tuition costs before or while you are studying. You won't have to start repaying the loan until you are earning over £21,000 a year.

The loan will also be available to European Union students and part-time students studying at least 25% (30 credits) per year. However, if you already hold an honours degree, or another qualification at the same level, you will not qualify for this loan.

What would I be eligible for to cover my living expenses?

There will be a loan for living costs to help with expenses such as accommodation, travel, books and course materials and food. There are three different rates of loan:

  • Up to £8,009 if you live away from home and study at a university in London, such as Kingston.
  • Up to £5,740 if you live away from home and study at a university outside London (this applies to Kingston University students studying at Marshalls Aerospace, Newcastle Aviation Academy KLM UK Engineering Norwich or any other course which is taught outside Greater London).
  • Up to £4,565 if you live with your parents while studying.

There will also be a non-repayable grant for living costs of £3,387 for students whose household income is less than £25,000. A partial grant is payable if household income is less than £42,620. The grant replaces up to £1,693 of the loan.

Are there any bursaries or fee waivers available?

Please check back regularly as we will post more information about our bursary schemes as soon as it is available.

When would I have to pay back my loans?

The earnings threshold at which student loans become repayable is  £21,000 per year. You would become liable to start repaying the loans after the April after you complete your course. If you earn less than £21,000 you will not be liable to make any repayments.

Once you are required to make repayments, you will pay 9% of the earnings above £21,000 – so a graduate earning £25,000 per year will be liable to pay £360 over the year, or £30 a month. The rate of interest charged on the loans when they are being repaid will also increase as graduate earnings increase. A graduate earning less than the repayment threshold of £21,000 will be charged interest equivalent to the rate of inflation. Graduates with a higher income will be charged a higher rate of interest on a sliding scale, up to a maximum level of inflation plus 3%. Loans are repaid over a maximum period of 30 years.

I already hold an honours degree and want to do another one, how will this affect me?

Your fees will be the same as those above but you will not qualify for any help from the Government for either tuition fees or living costs and you will not qualify for a Kingston Bursary.

I am from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. How does this affect me?

The tuition fees will be the same as for students from England but you will be able to apply for the package of student finance available to students from the Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government or Northern Ireland Executive (depending on where you come from).

I am an EU student intending to study in England – will this apply to me?

EU students from outside the UK that meet certain eligibility criteria will be able to apply for the loan for tuition fees. Most EU students will not be entitled to support for their living costs.

Updated 15 January 2015

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Contact us

Student Life Centre: Advisory Team
Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 7312

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