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Geography BA/BSc(Hons): Links with other organisations

How we work with external organisations

Staff are involved in active research so illustrate teaching with up-to-date, relevant experience.

Local authorities, government organisations and community partnerships

We have built links with many external organisations, particularly local authorities including:

  • Kingston First
  • Royal Borough of Kingston
  • Kingston Chamber of Commerce
  • Kingston Racial Equality Council
  • Kingston Food Bank
  • Surbiton Community Brain
  • London Metropolitan Police
  • Greater London Authority
  • Fulham Football Club
  • Fulham Foundation
  • South London Partnership
  • Hogsmill River Catchment Partnership
  • Zoological Society of London.

These organisations provide us with expert guest lecturers and also facilitate on site visits. This provides students with perspective on contemporary challenges in society and on the way in which geographical knowledge can usefully be applied in real world contexts. Engagement with these organisations also provides students with insights into areas of employability.

Geography at Work

This compulsory Year 3 module helps to prepare you for the workplace. The course features:

  • talks from a number of external employers;
  • input from the University careers service; and
  • work-related tasks, such as preparing a CV and letter of application or carrying out an interview.

International links

We also have links with international organisations. These include:

  • The University of Malta
  • Malta Environment and Planning Authority
  • Malta Council for Economic and Social Development
  • The BREEDE Skills Training Centre and Youth Activity Centre, South Africa,
  • Naturally Knysna, South Africa
  • Backsberg Vineyard, South Africa

International fieldwork programmes enable students to examine human and physical issues in diverse contexts and to get perspective on the challenges that other countries face from local governmental and non-governmental organisations and from industry.

Read more about other field trips you may take in the Field trips section.

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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