Mitigating circumstances and extensions regulations

Updated April 2022

In line with the Government's plan for Living with Covid, teaching and assessment is continuing to take place on campus, with some elements of online delivery and assessment where we have determined that it enhances the learning experience. You should follow your timetable and engage with all scheduled assessment.

Examinations (Online and On-campus)

If you are unable to undertake a time-limited online or on-campus exam due to covid-related issues or any other mitigating circumstance, you can self-certify from 5 days before the date of the exam and up to 10 days after the date of the exam.

You do not need to provide evidence to support a self-certified claim.

Please use the appropriate options in the OSIS system (see How to make a claim section below).

On-campus assessments

Where an assessment takes place on site (such as an in-class test or a presentation), or cannot be adequately completed without onsite learning (e.g. lab report or an artefact requiring campus-based facilities), and you are unable to attend due to self-isolation or any other mitigating circumstance, you can apply for mitigating circumstances.

We note that from 1 April, the Government will no longer provide free universal symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for the general public in England and that self-isolation is now at the discretion of the individual.

If you have symptoms of Covid, or if you have tested positive you should submit a claim for mitigating circumstances indicating that you are self-isolating. You will not need to provide evidence of a positive test.

Assessment that can be done remotely

For assessments that do not require on site attendance, you are expected to continue to study and complete assessments even if you are self-isolating unless you feel too unwell to study, in which case you can apply for mitigating circumstances.

You will be required to supply medical evidence (for example a doctor's letter) that confirms you are too unwell to study.

How to make a claim and mitigating circumstances regulations

To submit a claim for mitigating circumstances you should use the online system accessed through OSIS.

Before you do, please read through the relevant regulations, which are referenced below.

Please note the deadline for submitting a claim is up to ten university working days after the official deadline for submission or ten university working days after the examination date.

When you are ready to complete your submission, you can access the online system in OSIS:

  • Log into OSIS using your Kingston University Student ID;
  • Go to the "your Studies" tab;
  • In the list below you will see the title 'Mitigating Circumstances' and here there is a link into the online screens - "click here to start a new claim"
  • You will find further instructions provided on the screens.

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