Infection and Immunity Research Group

About the Group

The Infection and Immunity Research Group is a cluster of researchers from various schools with a particular interest in microbiology, parasitology, and virulence.

The Group exists to foster knowledge exchange and expand collaborative research within these areas. Interdisciplinary interactions with computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers serve to facilitate the expansion of the Group's activities beyond basic biological principles.

Our expertise spans a range of areas including molecular microbiology, basic and applied microbiology, molecular and cellular parasitology, parasite life cycles, immunology, natural products research, genomics, drug resistance, biodiversity, and rapid detection systems. Our work aims to answer some of the important questions concerning the biology of infectious agents and their impact on human health.

Research themes

Our research is focused into two main themes, namely:

  1. Microbiology
    Mark Fielder, Gary Forster-Wilkins, Nati Garrido Mesa, Simon Gould, Andrey Karlyshev, Alison Kelly, Katya Lamber, Suzy Moody, Lori Snyder
  2. Parasites and vectors
    Ruth Kirk, Tony Walker

Contact us

If you wish to contact the group please email Mark Fielder (microbiology) or Tony Walker (parasites and vectors).

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