Vision, Cognition and Neuroscience

Welcome to the Vision, Cognition and Neuroscience research group. We have expertise in optics of the eye, vision science, the higher visual processes and cognition using basic science: physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics and applying it to the sensory work on cross-disciplinary projects that investigate ageing of the eye and higher order sensory functions.

Our work has been funded by a range of sources including Research Councils, charities, industry and governmental departments. Current projects are supported by Fight for Sight, Essilor International, DSTL and the EU.

Our range of projects is wide including ocular and neural ageing and disease, biomedical optics, psychophysics, computational and neural physiology, ocular proteomics, nanotechnological applications to the eye, neuroscience and brain function.

Research themes

Research is arranged in three main themes:

  1. Ocular and neural ageing and disease
    Raid Alany, Andy Augousti, Sarah Barman, Natasha Hill, Ali Ryan, Francesca Mackenzie
  2. Psychophysics, computational and neural physiology
    Jean-Christophe Nebel, Andy Augousti
  3. Neuroscience and brain function
    Andy Augousti, Francesca Mackenzie

Contact us

To contact the group, please email Andy Augousti

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