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Kingston School of Art is already a global player in art and design. We are seeking to develop further links with key creative regions. At present, our worldwide links stretch  from Shanghai and Kyoto Universities, to developing partnerships in Bangkok, Oslo and Chile. We have well‐established accredited programmes in India and Japan and a comprehensive European network within the Erasmus scheme.

We are a London‐based art and design institution, leading the field globally, particularly in fashion and design. We want to share our thinking with, and learn from, ambitious international partners in the creative industries. We would like to begin conversations on teaching development, research networks and collaborations across the world.

Please see the list of our current overseas representatives.

Global thinking: International staff exchanges

Kingston School of Art is looking for exceptional academics and makers from across the world to join its staff exchange programme.

We are seeking people who would like to spend time in London, teaching and/or researching. In exchange, we want to offer a member of our staff to enrich your institution's ideas and practice.

We have currently have several existing staff and student exchange agreements with universities in China, India and South Korea.

Exchanges typically last 6–12 months, at any time in the year. Our only stipulations are that the staff member must be affiliated to one of our academic areas and must be willing to actively participate in the life and teaching of Kingston School of Art. Previous participants have described this as an opportunity for significant learning and growth.

Worldwide web: International networks and collaboration

London's Kingston School of Art is a truly international art and design school, conducting global conversations. The School is now further developing its strategic links with businesses and institutions across the world.

We work with institutions across Europe within a strategically‐developed Erasmus programme of student exchanges. Beyond Europe, we have validated programmes with the Kyoto Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Art and Design.

We have staff exchanges, research collaborations and work‐ and study‐placements across the globe. We are members of the Cumulus international network for art and design education and the European League of Institutes of the Arts.

We are keen to expand our links with international creative partners, looking for worldwide partnership with educational institutions. We offer credible validated programmes with a rigorous curriculum. We are looking to collaborate with institutions that have empathy with our processes and practices.

We welcome students, staff, partners and collaborators from around the world. To begin a conversation on international partnering in art and design education or research, please contact us.

Learn more about our current partners

  • Cumulus is the only global organisation serving art and design education and research. It is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices.
  • ELIA is the major multidisciplinary membership organisation for higher arts education institutions with about 250 members in 49 countries. Its network represents some 300,000 students in all art disciplines.

From the moment I got off the plane until I left three and a half months later, my life completely changed! I've suggested to many students wanting to study in London to apply to Kingston and have the same amazing experience that I have.

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Study Abroad programme
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