What we are looking for when you apply to Kingston School of Art

You may be required to submit evidence of creative exploration when you apply to study at Kingston School of Art.

Your submission will show us a little more about you. We will be reviewing it with four key values in mind: questioning, curiosity, technical ability, and enthusiasm. We know that your submission might show stronger evidence of some of these values than others, and that every one will be different - you don't need the finest of tools to show a desire to learn.

Show us things you are proud of and your spectacular failures, the beginnings of an idea and the finished pieces. We are looking for your potential to succeed on the course.

Whilst most of what you share with us should be your own work, we also want to see your interests and influences.

Remember, nothing is wrong, and nothing is right, instead this is the opportunity for us to get to know you a little better.

Key values

More on those key values we will be looking for:


Shown through your exploration of ideas, works in progress, sketchbooks, or experiments.

Show the iterative, playful exploration of possibilities; this means trying something more than once in different ways just to see what happens.

You can use annotations and captions in your submission to tell us what you were thinking and why, and what you would like to do next.


What influences and interests you? How do you see the world and what are you curious about?

This could be other artists, designers, or performers, but it could be things you do or see every day; what do you like to watch, listen to, read, follow, collect, wear, cook, eat, and do for fun?

You can show us your influences and interest through the work you make or perform, the research for a project, or by dedicating part of your submission to your influences or interests.

Technical ability

What are the different technical skills you have tried out so far? Don't worry if these don't seem related to the subject you are applying for, we know that everyone has been on a different journey to get here.

This could be performing, drawing, designing, making, photographing, painting, composing, dancing, building, filming, writing, curating, directing, weaving, sculpting, or telling stories.


Let's see more. Don't hold back, it can be daunting to show your work, but this is your chance to let your work speak for you.

Submitting a portfolio?