Bioimaging Group (BIG)

The Bioimaging Group aims to:

  • bring together expertise from biomedical sciences, computer science and image vision;
  • provide a platform to exchange ideas and expertise for multidisciplinary biomedical research projects;
  • apply image segmentation, visualisation and analysis techniques for biomedical sciences;
  • enable an objective analysis of image data obtained from phase contrast and fluorescent microscopy;
  • develop novel imaging techniques to analyse large multi-dimensional datasets for dynamic studies of cell behaviour and complex cell-cell interactions; and
  • utilise and develop high performance computing techniques for the processing of large bio-imaging datasets.


Research associates

  • Dr Muhammad Moazam Fraz

Research students

  • Mr Anthony McLay
  • Mr Spyridon Bakas
  • Miss Edita Hamzic
  • Mr Roshan Welikala