Robot Vision Team

The Robot Vision Team (RoViT) is a multidisciplinary research team led by Professor Paolo Remagnino with expertise in human and computer vision, automatic image and video interpretation, visual attention and cognition, ambient assisted living (AAL) and intelligent systems. RoViT's goal is to develop distributed and intelligent algorithms for automatic understanding of data and information acquired by a distributed network of heterogeneous sensor types.


The aims of RoViT are:

  • To provide a meeting point for computing and engineering students interested in robot vision.
  • To attract staff and students from across the university who may be interested in studying human-robot interactions or wish to use robots as an assistive tool.
  • Inform the wide student population of the state of the art in robot vision, the role of robots now and in the future, distinguish fact from fiction.


Associate members


Doctoral researchers / PhD students

  • Pau Climent Pérez    
  • Juan Manuel Fernández Montenegro    
  • Rob Dupre    
  • Lee Sue Han (Centre of Image and Signal Processing, University Malaya)    
  • Chang Yang Loong (Centre of Image and Signal Processing, University Malaya)    
  • Dr Roshan Welikala