Visual Surveillance Research Group

DIRC's Visual Surveillance Research Group (VSRG) has become recognised as one of the leading centres for intelligent visual surveillance research in the UK, enjoying strong links with the Police, Home Office, rail and underground operators both within the UK and the EU.

Research activity and industrial consultancy has focused on the development of robust, plug and play surveillance components, integrated wide-area multi-camera systems, and behavioural analysis, with a particular emphasis on the public transport sector. VSRG is also an active contributor to international standardization activities such as the MPEG-A Part 10 Application Format for Visual Surveillance.


Research students

  • Emilio Javier Almazan Manzanares
  • Dr Zezhi Chen - Prof Tim Ellis (DoS)
  • Mr Raphael Grech - Dr Paolo Remagnino (DoS), Prof Sergio Velastin, Dr Dorothy Monekosso
  • Mr Alexandros Moutzouris - Dr Dimitrios Makris (DoS), Dr Jean-Christophe Nebel
  • Mr Md Junaedur Rahman - Dr Dimitrios Makris (DoS), Dr Jean-Christophe Nebel
  • Mr Damien Simonnet - Prof Sergio Velastin (DoS), Dr James Orwell, Dr Paolo Remagnino
  • Mr Panagiotis Sourtzinos - Dr Dimitrios Makris (DoS), Dr Paolo Remagnino, Prof Tim Ellis
  • Mr Ezequiel Bianco Martinez
  • Mrs Iyomi Pigera