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Religious festivals

There is no automatic right to time off for religious obligations, but the University will try to make reasonable adjustments wherever it can. It is your responsibility to contact your course leader as soon as possible if there is a conflict. The University's Faith & Spirituality Senior Advisor can help and advise.

Religious obligations during times of study or work

The University has had a long-standing commitment to respond appropriately to the needs presented by its different faith communities. We have a policy that allows a student, whose scheduled examination timetable conflicts with the requirements of their religious belief, to follow the mitigating circumstances procedures and submit a request to defer their examination to the next available opportunity.

We have highlighted festivals for which students and staff might reasonably ask for adjustments to their work or study in order to meet their religious obligations. The University also encourages staff, where possible, not to hold mandatory field trips and to avoid setting deadlines for assessments on these solemn holy days and festivals in order that such conflicts may be avoided.

This list of dates has been chosen to represent the diversity of our community and is not an exhaustive list. Students and staff from faith groups whose holy days are not included here may still be able to apply for adjustments.

The University's Faith & Spirituality Senior Advisor, Hamad, can help and advise around religion or belief in the context of assessments. To get in touch with Hamad, please email

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