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Faith and Spirituality at Kingston University London

Supporting your faith and spirituality while you are at Kingston University.


Starting a new period in your life can be both exciting and daunting. There are always new things to learn, new relationships to build, new opportunities to be had.

We tend to thrive in a fresh environment when we feel welcomed. In the Hebrew scriptures there is a wonderful story of an old man in the desert long ago - who we come to know as Abraham - welcoming three strangers into his tent and offering them hospitality. Abraham  in time realised that these strangers represented God. Rather than the traditional understanding of God embracing humanity here was a story of humanity welcoming God.

The welcome Abraham gave to the mysterious visitors changed his life forever and he knew himself to be enriched and transformed by the encounter. God in this unknown form brought grace, hope and peace. When we open our hearts to mystery amazing things can happen.

I hope that your time at Kingston is fruitful and enjoyable, that you will indeed feel welcomed and that you will be able to welcome those new experiences that come along and shape you - in mind, body and spirit. May your time at the University be full of grace, hope and peace.

P.S. The text above was written by my predecessor, the Revd Andrew Williams, but we've kept it as it still speaks perfectly to us. After all, Truth does not change over time.

Louise Walton
Senior Faith Advisor

About what we do

We support your faith at Kingston University - we work in partnership with local faith communities to offer spiritual care to our students and staff.

We stand for:

  • Support - listening, guidance, friendship and prayer.
  • Community - building relationships and trust.
  • Understanding - learning about our own beliefs and those of others.
  • Creativity - seeing the world in new ways.
  • Spirituality - exploring faith, prayer and meaning.

Places of prayer in the University

The Faith and Spirituality Centre at the Penrhyn Road campus is purpose-built and it contains spaces for prayer, worship, meditation, reflection, meetings and discussion as well as religious washing rooms and office space.

We also have faith facilities at Kingston Hill and at Roehampton Vale.

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Who we are

Louise is a full-time employee of the University and is available to offer pastoral support to all students and staff of the University, regardless of faith or no faith backgrounds. She is a Roman Catholic Christian with much experience in student welfare and in Chaplaincy in other universities.

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Wellbeing support during this academic year

Wellbeing support during this academic year

The University's Student Wellbeing team is committed to supporting our students throughout their time here at Kingston. Our package of health and wellbeing support has more information about the services we offer, as well as advice about ways students can take care of their mental and general health during this time.